Watermelon-Elderberry Moonshine Brandy

Print Watermelon-Elderberry Moonshine Brandy Ingredients Wine or distillers Yeast 36 cups of Granulated Sugar Juice and Zest of 10 Lemons Water to 5 gallon 32 Lb. of Watermelon 1.25 Lb.of dried Elder-Berries Instructions Prepare water melon by cutting off all of the rind, cutting melon into one inch cubes, making sure to remove any loose … Read moreWatermelon-Elderberry Moonshine Brandy

Watermelon-Grape Moonshine Brandy

Print Watermelon-Grape Moonshine Brandy Ingredients 7.5 Lb. of fresh table red or green Grapes 24 cups of granulated Sugar Water to 5 gallon Wine or distillers yeast 10 Lemons Juice and Zest 30 Lb. of Watermelon Instructions Prepare the melon by cutting of the rind, cutting melon into one inch cube, removing any loose seeds, … Read moreWatermelon-Grape Moonshine Brandy