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Cannoli Cheesecake Recipe

Cannoli Cheesecake Recipe

As usual, in the summer, the word oven is absolutely forbidden to be used in speech as much as in practice. So what do you do? It immediately folds over sweets without baking! We would spend hours talking about how many quick and easy desserts there are to make however we cannot hide our latest experiment that has intrigued us. This is the Sicilian cannolo cheesecake. This dessert, also very nice to look at, could vaguely remember the beautiful cassata. And instead this fresh dessert has the basic classic elements such as biscuits + butter of all cheesecakeinstead, the cream cheese has excellent sheep ricotta, the same used for cannoli. In order not to miss anything, we added those ingredients that everyone chooses to garnish the cannoli: drops of chocolate, orange and candied cherries, almonds and pistachios. A real delicacy! Let’s see together how the Sicilian cannoli cheesecake recipe is made.


Cannoli Cheesecake Recipe

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To prepare the cannolo cheesecake we start from the base: the cannolo wafers in the mixer and blend them until you get the finest crumbs 1. Add the melted butter 2 and mix 3.

Grease a 20 cm diameter hinged mold and then line it with parchment paper 4: add the mixture and distribute it evenly with the help of a spoon 5. Now prepare the cream: dip the gelatine in cold water 6.

Meanwhile, sift the icing sugar into a large bowl 7, then sift the sheep’s ricotta 8, add the chocolate chips 9

and mix everything with a marisa 10. Take a small portion of the cream from the quantity and heat it briefly in a saucepan 11 then drain the jelly 12

and let it melt with the flame off with the help of a spoon 13. While the melted jelly warms up semi-whipped the remaining part of cream with electric whisk 14. Add it to the ricotta, adding gently 15,

finally pour the jelly and add it gently 16. At this point, retrieve the mold with the waffle base and distribute the cream inside 17, level carefully and then put in the refrigerator to harden for at least 3-4 hours 18.

When the cake is well firm, remove it from the mold and remove the parchment paper, transfer it to the serving dish 19 and start garnishing with a couple of crumbled cannolo waffles 20, pistachios and almonds roughly chopped with a knife 21,

some cherries and candied orange peel 22, a little bit of chocolate chips 23 and your tasty Sicilian cannoli cheesecake is ready, beautiful true 24?


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