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lady drinking from cup

Drink Before You Swipe – It’s A Thing Now

Drink Before You Swipe – It’s A Thing Now

Covid changed a lot of things. We all experienced isolation from the public places we normally visited – churches, restaurants, friends’ and relatives’ homes, gyms, and, yes, our favorite drinking holes.

In fact, if we were single, those drinking holes were the places we went to make connections and hook up with dates. We had a few drinks, surveyed the pool of potentials, and plied those potentials with our charms. If we were lucky, we might have even ended up spending the rest of the night with one of those charmers.

Sometimes, we even met those “charmers” online and arranged local dates. We drove to the meeting place, hooked up, and hopefully, things went well.

lady drinking from cup

Drink Before You Swipe – It’s A Thing Now




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How Covid Changed the Whole Marketplace of Hooking Up

The isolation of this pandemic completely altered how people looked for “dates.” After all, they could no longer have a few drinks at a bar and approach a possible date. Their dating had to take place online.

So, they join online dating apps, fill out their profiles and who and what they are looking for, and wait for their matches. Some of these online apps cater to specific demographics and offer more than just photos and profiles of those matches.

They offer lots of other methods of communication, such as video chats and virtual chat rooms for like-minded people to meet and talk. For example, there are places within apps that offer chat only for guys seeking other guys, or women seeking only women, or even bisexuals seeking either women or men. Of course, men looking for women and women looking for men is probably still the more common search.

In short, online dating apps have stepped up their games, and online dating has surged in popularity.


Sit Back, Down a Few, and Check Out the Pool Before You Drive

What could be more convenient? You can sit in the comfort of your own place, even in your pajamas, day or night, on your own schedule.

Have a few drinks, get on those dating apps, and start swiping. You can even pretend you are in a bar looking at your prospects. And given the top technology that dating apps have on board these days, you can video chat with those prospects and get to know them quite well.

All of this can happen without you ever leaving your home. You can swipe, choose good potentials, chat with them, and then arrange a date where you actually decide to make that drive to hook up.


Save Time, Save Gas, and Get the Best Results

Online dating apps have stepped up to the plate during the Covid isolation and have provided their users with a good alternative to dating in person. But here’s the thing: now that the Covid isolation requirements have eased and public places are now open for business, the use of these online resources to explore the field of possible dates is still the most convenient way to check out possible connections before setting up an actual date. So, stick with those online resources, swipe away, and narrow your field of matches. And relax with a few drinks while you explore!



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