Corn Mash Moonshine
A timeless classic, corn mash moonshine!
Author: Marcia Scott
  1. Heat the water to ~100F to aid with mixing
  2. Mix sugar with corn and water in the fermentation bucket by thoroughly stirring the liquid with a spoon for a couple of minutes.
  3. Add the yeast then seal the bucket with the lid.
  4. Place the airlock in the respective opening, making sure that the seal is airtight.
  5. Allow the mash to ferment completely, which should take about 2 weeks in total. Once the bubbling in the airlock stops, leave for an additional 2-3 days.
  6. Open the fermenter and rack the wash (filter off any solids and sediment) by using a siphon tube and (optional) filter.
  7. Place the collected wash inside your still's boiler and fire it up!
  8. [Note: You can also add malted barley for Amylase enzymes at specific temperature for 60 to 90 minutes to convert all starch present in corn to fermentable sugar]
Depending on your still type you may obtain different final proof of moonshine as well as drop rate.

Pot still users may require a second (or third) still run to obtain higher proof moonshine.

It is very important to discard the first 5oz or so (the foreshots) of the collected runnings as these usually contain methyl and other harmful fusel oils.

Make sure to collect the liquid into glass vessels, do not use plastic, as the spirit coming out of the still is hot.

It's recommended to use smaller vessels in order to observe the exact distinction between different fractions (cuts) of the moonshine.

If needed, taste the spirit by mixing a small amount with an equal amount of cold drinking water.

Patience and restraint are a 'shiners best companions!
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