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How Can You Make Healthier Drinks For Post-Workout Nutrition

Creating a sustainable and consistent workout routine can take you some time but pays off in the long term. Most of us strive to achieve realistic fitness goals that may include improved stamina, reduced fat ratio, muscle gain, or weight loss. However, it can also be observed that some of us struggle to achieve these results while others may get to them with ease. The difference between a busy New Yorker’s lifestyle choices, diet, sleeping habits, and even body types can be the reason for this parity. What you can do to create uniform results in your journey while boosting your overall health is to take a few additional measures. One of these could be as simple as whipping up a healthy smoothie post your workout so that your dietary needs are fulfilled. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are a few ingredients you can add to your smoothies and create a powerhouse drink you can sip on every day.




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  • Add some chia seeds: If you’re struggling to stay hydrated and cool in the summer even after drinking several gallons of water, your retention may be an issue. Start adding some chia seeds to your smoothie daily to keep your stomach and body cool. They are known to provide extra hydration and act as a cooling agent for those with excessive body heat. If you struggle with body acne, and heat rashes post-workouts, this smoothie will take care of it.
  • Use cannabidiol oil: Cannabidiol is an extremely powerful ingredient that can help your body and mind in several ways. The best part is that getting access to holistic cannabidiol is as easy as ordering online weed delivery NYC. When a few drops of CBD oil are mixed with your post-workout smoothie, it can promote better blood circulation to focused muscle groups. Thus, your recovery rate would also be increased, bypassing the phase of sore muscles and cramps after an intense workout.
  • Try adding infusions: Infusions are derivatives of CBD and other herbs in the form of a juice and drink to promote better health. If you don’t have the time on a certain day, just grab a couple of simple smoothie ingredients like a banana, some oat milk, a few dry fruits, and this infusion mix. For dry herbs, steep them in warm water or milk like a tea before infusing your smoothie into it.
  • Add vitamin capsules: Some nutrients are easily blendable into smoothies and do not have a bitter aftertaste, turning them more delicious. Vitamin C and D are nutrients that can improve your calcium levels, bone density, immunity, and mental health. Add a vitamin C tablet to your mango smoothie to give it a tangy taste. With regular use, you can also fortify your immune system against seasonal, viral, and bacterial infections.
  • Blend oatmeal with greens: Many of us skip meals unintentionally when work stress is high. However, it can be a problem in the long run since your body needs constant calories to keep your metabolism healthy. Instead, make an oatmeal smoothie with some leafy greens like spinach or kale, and protein powder to keep you full and productive.


Final Word:

Smoothies make wonderful additions to your meal prep and can compensate for many dietary mistakes that you make. If you lead a busy life and work out regularly, a smoothie a day will keep any health challenges at bay!



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