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keto cheese omelet

Keto Cheese Omelet For Breakfast

keto cheese omelet

keto cheese omelet

This keto cheese omelet is a fantastic add-on, especially for those who want to lose weight in a matter of days. Healthy, cheesy, and delicious, this omelet is a complete morning meal and combines powerful herbs, vegetables, and even meat for an active start.

Nowadays, the weight loss journey is incomplete without a keto diet. So, it is advised to start your day with a keto breakfast and end it with a keto dinner to get the desired shape in no time.

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Are you tired of having the same breakfast every morning? Turn your morning meal into a deluxe breakfast by following a proper keto diet plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, discard off junk or fried food items, alcohol, and smoking.

Reasons You’ll Love THIS Keto Cheese Omelet

The keto diet for beginners includes this scrumptious cheesy omelet. We are briefing 3 basic reasons that make you fall in love with it.

  • Simple, quick, and a perfect keto breakfast on-the-go.
  • The texture is smooth and gets dissolved in the mouth.
  • Eat it warm or bring it with you; the choice is yours.


What Is Keto Diet?

The ketogenic (keto) diet includes high fat and low carbs food items—all you need is to replace carb products with fats-enriched things like dairy products.

Do you know? When your carbs intake is reduced, you go into the metabolic state called ketosis.

Keto diet menu includes common cheese varieties, dark chocolates, berries, olives, nuts, eggs, meat, and poultry.

Therefore, this cheese omelet is a perfect dish for a keto diet plan.


Ingredients Notes:

Butter: Take 3 oz (almost 28 grams)  of butter to make a cheesy omelet. You can use homemade butter or go with store-bought margarine of your choice.

Eggs: Get 6 white (or brown) eggs. The more eggs you use for an omelet, the thicker and softer crust would be cooked.

Cheese: The perfect type of cheese you can use for an omelet is cheddar cheese. However, other types of cheese like gouda or blue will also do well with eggs. Use in shredded form and keep the quantity 7 oz.

Pro-Tip: If you don’t like cheddar cheese, then mozzarella omelet is another good option.

Herbs: You are free to add as many herbs as you want, such as parsley, basil, thyme, and rosemary. But, it is recommended to make a combination. For instance, when you add thyme, pair it with mushrooms to add complete nutrition.

Green vegetables: Green vegetables like broccoli, peas, lettuce, and spinach are good ketogenic options. Hence, we have added peas and broccoli to the omelet.

Spices: Add salt, black pepper, crushed red chili, and other seasonings as per your requirement.


Step-By-Step Directions:

Cut broccoli & herbs: Chop the herbs and cut broccoli into slices by maintaining their flowery shapes (the same way you cut it for broccoli salad).

Beat the eggs: Break the eggs in the bowl and beat them well for a balanced liquid consistency.

Saute the vegetables: Pour 2 tbsp butter in the pan and saute broccoli and peas for a refined taste. Put them aside for some time when you find them crispy.

Mix everything: Add seasonings and vegetables in the egg batter and mix them well.

Pour the batter: Once done mixing, add the remaining butter into the cooking pan and transfer the keto omelet batter.

Pro-tip: You can only mix the seasoning and eggs in the first place and pour the batter into the pan in which your sauteed vegetables are already being done.

Let it cook: Cook the omelet at the lower flame. At this moment, add a bit of cheese and cover the egg with a lid for 2-3 minutes.

Sprinkle the remaining cheese: Once you feel the crust is done, drizzle the remnant cheese on the top and let it melt down.


Keto Omelet Recipe Notes:

Poultry Or Beef Is A Good Addition: if you are a meat-lover, you can add chicken/beef to your keto omelet in shredded or cubes form. Not only will it enhance the taste, but also add nutrients like protein to the dish.

Pair Your Omelet: You can pair it with regular bread, a loaf, and hashbrowns for an absolute treat.

Do you know? You can enjoy 225.5 calories in a cheese omelet.



Can I Eat An Omelete When On Keto?

Cheese omelet doesn’t contain so many carbs, so yes, you can add it to the keto diet menu.


How Many Carbs In A Cheese Omelet?

Cheese omelet includes 3.3g of carbs, which you can easily manage with your full-day diet.


How Many Eggs Can I Eat A Day On Keto?

You can eat 6 whole eggs in a day, either in the form of an omelet or keto scrambled eggs also taste good.


Final Words

You must include eggs in your keto diet, no matter in what form you eat them. Plus, if you have tried this recipe, share your views in the comment section below.



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