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Navigating A Night Out With Dietary Requirements

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Going to a cafe, restaurant, and even a bar can be quite a mission if you have dietary requirements. You don’t want to be the person to rain on the parade and point out that there is nothing on the menu you can eat or drink, but it’s important that you feel included in the festivities too. Today we are going to look at how you can plan and participate in a night out with your allergies and dietary requirements taken care of. This might seem like a trivial pursuit for those without any dietary requirements, but if you are living with them then you know just how exhausting it can be to have to ask all the questions, do all the research and generally be taken out of that moment of spontaneity. Let’s get into it.


Become the planner

If you take it on yourself to plan the night out, you can ideally ensure that every place you are attending is catering to your dietary needs. Now if you are vegan that doesn’t mean you have to go to a 100% vegan restaurant if you think that something of friends might protest. You can choose restaurant cocktail bars in Melbourne’s CBD that is known for their fantastic vegan menu in addition to being great at other drinks and meals. Another benefit to being the planner is that you get to orientate your friends to places they might not have been to before and if the night is a success they might even suggest returning there in the future without you having to push that agenda.


Call ahead

Now just because you can’t see your dietary requirements catered to on a website or menu, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a very flexible kitchen and creative bartenders who can make changes here in there. Another advantage to calling ahead is that you are letting the establishment know that you are coming, and they can even put a note in your booking that alerts employees to your dietary requirements. If you’ve battled with dietary requirements for a long time you’re probably pretty used to asking these questions, and they are so much better to ask on a Monday afternoon when you’re making a booking rather than asking all those intricate questions in a loud club on a Saturday night.


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Eat before you go out

This isn’t a very exciting prospect but it might save you some drama if you can enjoy a hearty meal before you head out, especially as you might only need a finger food top up when you are out, which are basic and less likely to be packed with allergens. This also has another benefit to your wallet! If you are someone who doesn’t feel quite confident asserting your dietary needs to your friendship circle and this might be a pretty frictionless solution, although if you feel like you are missing out then we suggest you follow the above points instead so that you can eat out.


Join Facebook groups and online communities

There is a Facebook group for just about anything these days, so there will almost certainly be a Facebook group that caters to your dietary requirements in your city. For example, you might be able to join a Facebook group called ‘Gluten-Free Melbourne’ and ask those in the group where they would suggest you go out for the social engagement you are planning. They can also be invaluable in telling you where is doing dietary requirements very well, and which outlets say they cater to your dietary requirements but really don’t. You can also use the search bar functions in these groups to look for suburbs and cuisine to find posts and recommendations already discussed.

There is a lot of fun to be had when planning a night out, even if you do have dietary requirements. Planning is key so don’t delay and start designing a great time for you and your friends.



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