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Slamming, Pleasure, or Kinship: Why Do Gay Men Do It?

Slamming, Pleasure, or Kinship: Why Do Gay Men Do It?

When men in the Netherlands discuss their reasons for slamming, they often mention a rush and a sense of pleasure. These feelings are often described as intense, horny and overwhelming.

What draws gay men to slamming is not only pleasure but also kinship. The paper explores why this is the case and what it means for the experience of slamming.

The Community

The community – the people around you, your neighbors and friends – often makes you feel like you are part of something larger than yourself. You might have a local clique, sub-culture, ethnic group or religion that forms a central part of your identity or a particular job like police or fire services that gives you a sense of belonging to a community.

You might also have a community of culture you share, whether it’s science fiction TV programs or cat pictures on Facebook. It can be as local or global as you want it to be, and that can be important in helping you make decisions about your health.

Slamming, Pleasure, or Kinship: Why Do Gay Men Do It?




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In our research, the community is a core element that many of the gay men interviewed for this study valued and sought to create. They saw it positively influencing their personal and social dynamics and enabling them to connect with other gay men through social gatherings and even on a gay webcam.

The Pleasure

Slamming is the injection of drugs into the bloodstream during sex. This is an emerging trend in the gay community and has been linked to a rise in HIV infection rates.

Even though the proportion of men who inject drugs during sex is relatively small, this sub-group is vulnerable enough to justify setting up harm reduction measures and specific care. These measures could include training health professionals and creating services that combine sexual health and drug dependence.

In a study by Utrecht University, gay and bisexual men living in the Netherlands reported an intense rush and less sexual inhibition as the main reasons for slamming. They also cited a feeling of kinship and the possibility of interacting with others who share their interest.

The Kinship

One of the most critical areas of anthropology is the study of kinship. It focuses on the relationships and alliances that keep people together, how they create families, and how social and economic resources are dispersed within a community.

In all societies, there are two main types of kinship: those based on birth (blood relations) and those formed through marriage. Relationships based on birth are called kinship, and those formed through union are called affinity.

Affinity bonds are usually made through social processes, like marriage or adoption. Laws often use the amount of affinity that can be established between two people to decide who can inherit property from a deceased family member or get married.

In the mid-19th century, Lewis Henry Morgan (1818-1881) began studying kinship among the Haudenosaunee in upstate New York. His studies helped anthropologists understand what kept different cultures together and how the kinship system varied from place to place.

The Drugs

A new trend among gay men in Britain is slamming the injection of drugs during sex. This practice has been growing in popularity, causing concern as it can be dangerous for participants.

Several drugs can be used during slamming, including mephedrone, crystal methamphetamine (Tina) and ecstasy. They all come with risks and can cause serious health problems, so it’s important to know what you’re consuming.

It’s also essential to have your own utensils. You’ll need a needle, cannula, filter, sterile water and container to draw up each time – don’t share!

When slamming, it’s crucial to use your own needles and kits to prevent an increase in the prevalence of HIV and Hepatitis C infections. It’s also a good idea to have clean equipment, so you don’t spread blood-borne viruses. It’s also a good idea not to inject too quickly, as this can increase the risk of injury and transmission.

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