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Hey there! We're a few guys passionate for home brewing and distilling. We got interested in the craft back in 2014 when the show Moonshiners caught our attention. We started with simple infusions using Everclear, but have since turned to distilling our own shine and never looked back! 

Moonshine Mash

We are a team of awesome people passionate for food, drink, recipes, home brewing and distilling, cocktails. Josh Miller is the founder and CEO of this company who himself is a pro mixologist and moonshine drink maker. was launched in January, 2014 with hope to inform people about how to make moonshine, how to create best cocktails in the world. I still remember our first post went live at 2014/01/12 at 11:48 am and since then we have come a long way.

We write mostly about products, recipes, reviews of products, tools, gadgets needed to create moonshine, cocktail. Our articles are so loved that even Martha Stewart followed our Pinterest account.

Our moonshine still product review, how to make vodka, various infusion and mash recipes for moonshine and cocktail are highly reviewed with thousand of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

We have started writing about food recipes of many ethnicities since 2019 and those recipes are very well received by readers and foodies! In 2020 we added coupons, sweepstakes, free samples section as well.

We had this business in mind since 2012 and we promise to give all readers, food lovers, moonshiners, bartenders plethora of information regarding best products needed, best cocktails recipes, food recipes and moonshine recipes.




I'm so excited to prepare so many #recipes of #drinks, #cocktails, #Moonshine, #food - I'm ready to get down to work! #Moonshinerecipe

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We hope to inspire others to partake in the fun world of moonshine by providing information on how to safely distill their shine, expertly curated reviews on moonshine equipment & tools, and of course, great moonshine recipes to try out!

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