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25 Types Of Sandwich You Must Have At least Once

25 Types Of Sandwich You Must Have At least Once




A popular snacking item as well as a classic presence on the breakfast menu, sandwiches are loved the world over. Some have it with meats and cheese, some prefer it with veggies and dips and still some others like it sweet and indulgent. Because there exists indeed as many types of the sandwich as the many folks who have their set preferences is perhaps why this humble treat is so much a popular food. Have your pick as you scrounge for the many assortments of this forever favorite from all across the globe.

Below are 25 Best Sandwiches Lists

1. Carozza

A cheesy sandwich, and a fried one at that, carozza just sounds like the enticing stuff good food should be made of. And coming from the food heaven of Italy, you can as well be assured of the amazing treat this should turn out to be. Delightful mozzarella slices, the authentic Italian ones, are layered between bread pieces which are then doused in an egg wash before being fried. The melting mozzarella, the golden brown color and the crumbly texture makes for such a delicious combination of goodness oozing out from each bite of this sandwich that makes it among the frivolous yet fuss free types difficult to resist.




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2. Elvis Sandwich

Let?s get it straight- the Elvis sandwich indeed owes its name to being a favorite of legendary musician Elvis Presley. But beyond that, the references tend to be not so clear. It could either be the classic peanut butter sandwich with bananas making for an added accompaniment. But in reference also are such types that intersperse the delicious sounding mashup of peanut butter and banana with some bacon as well! Honey also is often cited as another ingredient, that which only makes us wonder what this serving will essentially taste like. But given its legendary run, this sandwich should definitely be a must have at least once in life.

3. Bombay Sandwich

The veg iteration of a a common classic sandwich, Bombay sandwich is indeed a type native to the Indian city of Mumbai. One of the most popular among India?s diverse array of lip smacking street foods, this among the many types of sandwich boasts of a reputation that has even hardcore non veg lovers drooling over its every bite. With raw cucumber and beet slices very conveniently replacing the meat, this is in fact a healthier version of the classic sandwich. And of course there?s the enduring love of spiced boiled potatoes and a zingy dollop of green chutney to make this as Indiani a treat as any other. Also buttered for extra flavor and then grilled to golden brown perfection, this is a sandwich that will make you fall in love with India and its simplest of foods, all over again!

4. Trinidadian Doubles

A common street food in Trinidad and Tobago and one of the most unique types of sandwich is the doubles. Popular as breakfast, lunch, late night snack or even as a hangover food, the Double was supposedly inspired by the iconic Indian offering of chole bhature. Two flat fried baras encompass a spicy curry of chickpeas, Doubles indeed sound like the comfort food that it is to so many Trinidadian people all over the world.

5. Fluffernutter

With a name that sounds so enticing, fluffernutter would be our fave pick from the many sandwich types around the world. Originating in the United States but more popular in Britain, this is a delicious peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwich that is a sure hit among kids. A slice of bread slathered with peanut butter and the other with a good whipping of marshmallow fluff make this sandwich in essence even when additions and modifications like hazelnut spreads and mashed bananas only serve to take it a notch even higher.

6. Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

One of the few spicy sandwiches that you will encounter in the western world is Britain?s cheese and pickle sandwich. A layer of cheese and pickle fills two slices of buttered bread, often with such salad items like lettuce. Crunch yet gooey incorporating the dual characteristics of the cheese and the pickle and in flavors as well, this has long been the most popular sandwich in the United Kingdom for its simple but satiating flavors.

7. Ice cream Sandwich

Frankly speaking, an ice cream sandwich does not pertain to the notions of the sandwichsque realm in its truest essence. But there?s nothing in this world that would keep us from having such a favorite Indiansert among our mentions, any time we get the opportunity. So here we are with the ice cream sandwich- simply a layer of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. Quite a fancy treat even when it is essentially a very simplistic preparation, this is one rare sandwich that is served frozen rather than cold for obvious reasons.

8. Chip Butty

Best things always come in pairs and the chip butty, Indianpite its amusing name, is a delightful testament to this adage. This one combines two of the world?s most favorite unhealthy foods to create a deadly combination, not a bit in nutrition but effectively in taste. White bread slices are generously slathered with butter before being rendered further sinful with a filling of potato chips! And even when it sounds like quite a humble treat- with just a staple of bread, butter and potatoes, you know it is way too deceptive to be one!

9. Mitraillette

A delicious, delicious sandwich from Belgium, mitrailettes encompass a world of wondrous indulgence. Often a smaller baguette bread makes the base of this sandwich that which comes with a filling of french fries and meat all slathered in generous amounts of condiments and sauces like mayonnaise and ketchup and stuff. A significantly worked out variant of the Chip Butty, mitrailettes can also come accompanied with grated?carrot, fresh?lettuce,?tomato?slices, cabbage and/ or cheese.

10. Sm?rg?st?rta

A savoury sandwich that almost counts also as a cake, Sm?rg?st?rtas are of Swedish origin. But what makes this cream cheese and bread combo seem more like a cake is its many layerings and the final garnish. With egg and mayonnaise as the base, you can go on permuting and combining the toppings of your choice for a delectable smorgastarta. No wonder this savoury treat is also popularly referred to as a sandwich cake for obvious reasons.

11. Chutney Sandwich

Imagine something as basic as the bread- butter sandwich but only with the very Indian twist of a spiced outbreak. That?s exactly what the chutney sandwich is- pieces of bread with the crusts cut off slathered with a generous dose of spicy coriander or mint chutney, ready just like that as an irresistible snack! Simple and sinful, this another Indian reiteration of the sandwich goes particularly well with some sweet milky chai on romantic rainy evenings.

12. Bun Kebab

A sandwich native to the subcontinent, bun kebabs are particularly popular a street food in Pakistan. Even in the Indian cities of Bhopal, Lucknow and Hyderabad, these sandwich types are a firm favorite especially during Ramadan festivities. Getting as Indiani as it can with generous amounts of meat, ground lentils, eggs and spices making up a patty that is sandwiched between two burger buns. An oily, indulgent treat but worth every morsel in its addictive relish, bun burger might not cater to the most orthodox definition of a sandwich but surely is among the more extravagant ones in terms of taste.

13. Pudgy Pie

Something that sounds like a pie but is in fact a sandwich sure should be a wonder in its trove of taste. And the pudgy pie indeed is one, what with its endless filling options that can make it a savoury staple, a Indiansert delight, a breakfast basic or a simple sweet treat. Named the pudgy pie because it is made in a pie iron by clamping shut two pieces of bread with the enclosed filling, this is also a camping staple because the sandwich tastes best when toasted over a campfire!

14. Jambon-beurre

For a country so steeped in culinary sophistication, it is quite unusual that a sandwich as basic as the Jambon-beurre should be its most popular variant. We are talking about the gastronomic haven of France where the Jambon- beurre or ham butter is the most popular sandwich among all its many fancy types. A half-?strip?of?baguette is split and buttered and lined thereafter with slices of ham for a ?meal? that is the most consumed across the terrains of the picturesque country.

15. Donkey Burger

With a name like this, you would be hoping that this is a sandwich that misleads you into believeing it to be something it is quite not. And it does, but only with the burger suffix. The donkey part is very much real, what with an origin stemming to China though it shouldn?t be too surprising. Donkey meat finds its way into some bread pocket making for this weird sounding interpretation of the sandwich. But it sure exists in abundance in China and is a popular street food there.

16. Sandwich Loaf

Another of the sandwich types that comes close to being a cake is the Sandwich Loaf from the USA. Quite an interesting treat to bite into, this is made by cutting bread horizontally and stacking layer upon layer. The layers come interspersed with any fillings of choice, that which can also be different for each layer for a really unique- or weird- fusion of tastes and flavors. Make it sweet with peanut butter and jelly, make it savoury with veggies and meat or make it both, if you so fancy, but make sure that it needs to be a really pretty looking one as well!

17. Fruit Sando

There?s a reason why fruit sando sounds so much like a fruit sandwich- that?s because that is what it exactly is! A specialty in Japan, this one?s a no brainer when it comes to the filling. Fruits of course, lots of it, especially exotic colorful ones go on top of bread slices layered with fluffy white cream making for a sandwich that stands out not just in its flavor but also in the aesthetics. Quite a pristine, sequined treat for the eyes and an equally delectable pick for its taste, it?s a wonder that there hardly exists a version of it outside the Japanese sando.

18. Toast Hawaii

Originating in Germany and not in Hawaii like you would be led to think, Toast Hawaii is a really incredible sandwich. One of the open types of sandwich, it consists of a slice of toasted bread that is topped with ham and pineapple and melted cheese with a cherry dotting the whole face of the toast. Sweet and savoury all at once, this makes for a refreshing diversion from the many other sandwiches you regularly relish as a snack.

19. Bocadillo

Bocadillos are Spanish sandwiches, that are however somewhat different from traditional sandwiches. Usually some specific bread like the baguette goes in as the base of the bocadillo, which has turned out as an iconic element of Spanish cuisine. Mayonnaise, sauces and pickles generally do not go into a bocadillo as it does with many types of the sandwich. Instead, the bocadillo is moistened by rubbing a tomato slice onto the bread or drizzling it with some olive oil. The filling also can be diversive- eggs, veggies, meats, cheese fish and even chocolate! In its unique look, the bocadillo is surely very different from any other sandwich you will ever bite into.

20. Guajolota

A sandwich from Mexico, guajolota comes in the form of bolilo that has the filling of a tamal. While bolilo is a savoury bread traditional to Mexico, tamal is also as authentic a Mexican preparation. Quite an interesting food in itself, tamal is steamed masa dough that which itself can come with fillings like meats,?cheeses, fruits, vegetables,?chilies?or any other preparation according to taste. Best enjoyed with some Mexican hot chocolate or atole, guajolotes also are interesting in the nomenclature, as it refers to the turkey bird in Mexico!

21. Zs?roskeny?r

The Zs?roskeny?r is an open sandwich from Hungary, rendered distinctive by its layering of animal lard rather than butter on white bread, and then topped usually with white or red onion slices and dusted with paprika for a snack that really is quite enjoyable Indianpite its simplistic essence.

22. Biscuit Sandwich

A biscuit sandwich or more appropriately a sandwich biscuit is another sweet and creamy version of this classic food. More popular in their colloquial fame as cream biscuits, these consist of two biscuits that have a layer of cream in between them. Biscuit sandwiches however can also attempt to be more contemporary in their savory versions. Take for instance such biscuits that come sandwiched with a layer of cheese cream. Or more diversely, savoury biscuits topped with such complimenting ingredients like tomatoes and herbs and cheese also classify as easily as biscuit sandwiches.

23. Jibarito

An authentic Puerto Rican sandwich, the Jibarito is quite an aberration- an interesting one though. Made with flattened and fried green plantains instead of bread, this healthy take on your favorite food sure makes it all the more welcoming of its distinctiveness. Spread with a garlic- chilli- mayonnaise mix, the leaves are then layered with?tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and?meat for a treat that tastes deliciously different than what you would be expecting out of any sandwich.

24. Doughnut Burger

Again an entrant of the burger nomenclature into the list of the many types of sandwich to try is the doughnut burger. And yet again a very apparent food, this generally has two doughnut or a single sliced doughnut sandwiching some filling of ham or cheese or such other sandwich staples. Unsurprisingly though, in all its slurpworthy taste and world of dual delights, this is one of the most unhealthiest of sandwiches in the world.

25. Trancapecho

Hands down the most unique of sandwich types in the world is the Bolivian offering of trancapecho that contains, among all things, rice as its filling. In fact in its assortment of ingredients like boiled and sliced potatoes, pounded meat, chopped tomato, a mixture of onions and beets and parsley or some salsa as well as a fried egg or two apart from the rice, this sandwich is not just another quick bite; it is a wholesome meal in itself!



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