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What You Need To Know About Absinthe

Absinthe | The Green Drink

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word Absinthe is the image of a little green fairy flying around, talking to us. We have seen that in the movies and read about it, but is that for real? We will find that out later.

This usually green drink is one of the most misunderstood liquors in the world due to the legend regarding hallucinations. In fact, it?s an ordinary alcoholic drink as all the others on the market. It was invented in Switzerland in the late 1700s and became part of the old stories. However, due to some talks about being dangerous and making us mad, it didn?t get the attention it deserves. In order to stop the rumours about this notorious drink, we will tell you all the things you should know about it. So, let?s have a look at them.



 What Is Absinthe Made Of?

Absinthe is a high-proof liquor that is made of lots of different herbs, spices, and other plants. Originating from purely natural ingredients, the absinthe has an enchanting emerald colour and licorice flavour. Its main ingredients are green anise, wormwood, and Florence fennel. Of these ingredients, the wormwood was considered as the chief ingredient, which was the main reason for the rumours about this drink. In fact, the wormwood was nothing dangerous since it was used for medicinal purposes before it became part of this drink. Hence, it cannot be harmful.




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Is It Hallucinogenic?

Oh, yes, the rumour itself. Let us say that we are very sorry to break the magic of this drink by stating that it?s NOT hallucinogenic. Absinthe as all other liquors is just that, an alcoholic drink which people consume. And, that?s all. There isn?t a green fairy that flies around your head and talks to you because it doesn?t contain any hallucinogenic ingredient.

The so-called green fairy hallucination was due to the high consumption of the drink. In other words, those who claimed that saw a green fairy were actually really drunk. As a matter of fact, the French wine lobby invented this rumour as part of their anti-absinthe campaign. This campaign was a result of winemakers? fear that absinthe will become more popular than wine. But, the truth is that absinthe is 136 Proof or 68% ABV. That means it?s pretty strong and if you drink too much, it will have negative consequences as any other over-consumed alcoholic drink.


Is It Safe to Drink?

Yes, it is. There?s no need to fear that absinthe will harm you in any way because the USDA found that the chemical thujone, found in the wormwood, is present in very low levels which are safe for humans. As a result, they lifted the ban of this drink. However, you need to consume it wisely, one or two glasses in order to enjoy it without getting drunk and feel bad.

moonshine drink

moonshine drink

 Can You Make Cocktails With Absinthe?

Of course, you can. In fact, you need absinthe to make many traditional cocktails, such as Corpse Reviver No.2 and Sazerac. There?s also the modern cocktail, the Green Beast which is made of Pernod Absinthe, Lime juice, simple syrup, and water.


How Should I Drink Absinthe?

Absinthe is served with 1 part absinthe and 4 parts ice water, and a sugar cube. In fact, a traditional service includes a big glass container full of ice water that is slowly poured over a sugar cube on top of a glass with absinthe. As the water is being poured in the glass, the colour of the absinthe changes from emerald green to opalescent. It?s something you should definitely try at least once in your life because it?s an interesting experience.

And by no means, you should lit it on fire. This trick is fairly new and was invented to get drinkers? attention away from the inferior absinthe they were being served. It may look interesting but it?s not the way you should drink absinthe.


Is Absinthe Made the Same Way Today?

Yes, it is. The absinthe is made the same way as it was made in the past. Hence, absinthe makers use the same ingredients to make this drink. However, the green of today?s absinthe might not be real. It?s because people distilled the liquor with wormwood twice in the past. and, some of the distillers today distill the liquor only once and then add green dye to make it look the same. That?s why you should only buy from trusted brands, not the cheapest ones.

It seems that there?s no such thing as a green fairy. In fact, it was all part of a big conspiracy against this amazing drink or its over-consumption. Therefore, when drinking this emerald liquor, make sure you don?t exaggerate but drink in moderation.



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