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5 Affordable Portuguese Red Wines

Portugal is an elongated yet petite country. Portugal Wines often goes unnoticed that you can easily notice when you get into a wine store California. However due to the fact that it’s especially red wine quality is close to other European countries such as France and Italy, Portugal has been experiencing something of a silent revolution for the past few decades or so Like its neighboring nation, Spain. Nevertheless, this nation holds significant diversity in terms of climate and wine styles because the northern part is mild while there’s much more rain near the coastlines.

Portugal has a storied and rich history of winemaking—dating back to ancient Rome. Their best-known fortified Portugal wines are intense, impressive, and age-worthy—something few other red wine regions can rival.

Not only are Portugal wines accessible for those on a budget (most top out at about 20$ if you want to buy wine online), but they’re some of the most diverse and interesting in the world.

To avoid getting overwhelmed of Portugal’s vast selection of red wine in a wine store California and help you navigate through, we’ve compiled this list of five reasonably priced varietals that are also available if you want to buy wine online and for sure they will make an impression no matter who you’re serving them up to.




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Herdade do Mouchao Ponte das Canas

5 Affordable Portuguese Red Wines

Established in 1901, Herdade de Moucha Winery has maintained its traditional wine-making methods. Locally grown grapes are harvested and crushed by feet instead of machines. In the ever-changing world of winemaking, Herdade do Mouchão remains a traditional family-run winery, producing Portugal wines for all tastes.

This Portugal wine is a blend of many different varieties, including Syrah, Touriga Nacional, and Touriga Franca. It took 18 months to ferment before being aged in barrels for complexity. It has an intense aroma profile with notes of fruit, flowers, and spices that are expressed evenly.


Casa Relvas São Miguel do Sul Tinto

5 Affordable Portuguese Red Wines

Casa Relvas is located in the Alentejo wine region in Portugal’s southern point. Here, they manage hundreds of acres of the vineyard; producing six million bottles per year- 70% of which are then exported to around thirty different countries around the globe. Casa Relvas takes pride in its natural land, boasting a workforce who cultivate thousands of cork oak trees annually.

This Portugal wine smells of rich, fruity flavors with light spiciness and an earthy undertone. It seems to have aged for quite a while in oak barrels, but the flavor is neither too strong nor too overwhelming – instead, it has developed subtle hints of vanilla sweetness coupled with rich yet mellow tannins that are pleasantly smooth on the palate. The taste of fresh fruits such as raspberry and cherry lingers for minutes after drinking this fine Portugal wine.


Wine & Soul Quinta da Manoella 

5 Affordable Portuguese Red Wines

This Portugal wine hails from the Douro region, which is one of the world’s oldest delimited wine regions. With hot summers and cool, wet winters, this area has a maritime climate. Wine & Soul spans several picturesque vineyards set on the slopes surrounding the Douro River (known as the Duero in Spain), and it can be very steep at times!

they produce theirs using 80-year-old vines, practicing organic farming methods as well as manual harvesting techniques by hand.

While there are about 100 types of native grapes used for winemaking in this region and thi can be very confusing when you are in a wine store California, the 2018 Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas is a blend of over thirty different varieties, an interesting blend for wine lovers. While it’s dark – and has dry tannins – these are balanced beautifully by its velvety fruitiness with hints of chocolate flavor. What makes it even more unique is that it has an extremely long finish – but still refreshing.


Silk & Spice Red Blend

5 Affordable Portuguese Red Wines

Douro Valley is famously known for producing full-bodied and concentrated Portugal wines. With its diverse terroirs, it has indigenous grapes including spicy ones like vanilla. The Silk & Spice label is a 15th-century map drawn during the Age of Discovery with iconic symbols representing different civilizations.

This red Portugal wine is a great representation of the spice that comes from Portugal’s Douro Valley, which is a very popular wine section in any wine store California. In place of very well-known grapes such as Touriga Nacional and Alicante Bouchet, this version contains 30% Baga – an interesting find! This budget-friendly red wine has received rave reviews from critics for its taste of black fruit and the spicy sweetness of vanilla. Its tannins are balanced with good acidity, leading to a long and smooth finish. You can’t go wrong with this easy-to-drink Portugal wine.


Bojador 10 Anos Tinto

5 Affordable Portuguese Red Wines

Pedro Ribeiro, the head winemaker at Espaço Rural wines founded this company and produces their products so that it may best express his philosophy about what wine should be for both the Alentejo region as well as Lisbon. The success of this company has been recognized globally because of how amazing these two regions are – home to some lovely, fruity vintages that capture everyone’s taste buds.

This red wine is aged 12 months in French oak barrels, now has rounded tannins, and expresses complex aromas of ripple black fruit aromas, some spices, with good acidity and balance. It also has a long finish.

We hope that this guide will help everyone who is interested in Portugal wine and wants to buy wine online and go to a wine store California and choose wine.



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