Barley Corn Moonshine

Barley Corn Moonshine

Barley Corn Moonshine
  • 1 Pack of Barley
  • 1 lb. of Baker's Yeast
  • 25 lb. of Dark Molasses
  • 3 Pecks of Cracked Corn
  • 4 (30 oz.) Cans of Malt Syrup
  1. Start by using a 50 gallon barrel or plastic trash can. Place barley which has been thoroughly washed and corn into can.
  2. Fill barrel with warm water making sure to stir well.
  3. Let mixture cool and add yeast.
  4. Grant to ferment until fermentation comes to a stop.
  5. Next step is to drain liquid into a separate container.
  6. To remove all grain particles, strain through fine mesh screen.
  7. Lastly distill as whiskey or moonshine.


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