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breville coffee espresso machine

Breville vs. Delonghi, Which One Should You Buy And Why

breville coffee espresso machine

breville coffee espresso machine

Breville and Delonghi are the top names in the coffee and espresso machine industry; each brand has many models in the market. Nothing beats coffee made at home, and avid coffee lovers and aficionados prefer brewing coffee in the comfort of their homes using the two brands mentioned. 

Both Breville and DeLonghi offer some of the best quality models of coffee makers in the market, and they provide similar categories of coffee machines. Another similarity between the brands is that both have a close price range for their vast products. It is important to make a comparison of breville and delonghi to find out how they stand side by side in terms of features and highlights. However, there are still several distinct elements that set them apart from one another. To help you decide which brand is the best for you, we have highlighted the main differences between both brands. 

Brand Origins

  • Breville

Breville is known for producing home appliances, from ovens to coffee makers. The company was founded in 1932 by Bill O'Brien and Harry Norville, who combined their surnames to create their unique company name. They started as creating small home appliances and gradually made their way to creating home espresso makers that became a hit in 2000. 




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  • DeLonghi

They are also known to produce home appliances, and they are a family-owned business that started their operation in 1902. Although they have been manufacturing coffee machines for a while, they only received recognition for their coffee makers in 2008. 



The design of a coffee maker is subjective since coffee drinkers have different preferences. Both Breville and DeLonghi have unique style statements. However, Breville is famous for its versatile signature design that will complement kitchen decor. DeLonghi coffee machines are thinner, giving you a more compact aesthetically pleasing machine, finished off with a stainless steel exterior.


Boiler System

DeLonghi coffee machines have the upper hand regarding the best boiler system for a coffee maker because they feature double boilers. These double boilers offer you a faster and convenient brewing, although because of these two boilers, DeLonghi products are bulkier. However, both do offer products that have either a single or double boiler, so you have to research their specific models to see what suits your needs the best. 


Water Reservoir

The size of the water tank of both Breville and DeLonghi depends on the model you want to buy since both brands offer many different capacity coffee machines. However, if you compare the brands' most popular products with similar prices, DeLonghi's ESAM3300 water reservoir can hold up to 60 ounces while Breville's BES870XL holds up to 67 ounces. Breville coffee machines have slightly bigger water reservoirs than DeLonghi, which allows you to brew extra cups before refilling their content.


Ease of Use

This feature is an important selling point for all coffee machines, and though it is hard to compare Breville and DeLonghi regarding navigability, here are some differences. 

  • The automatic coffee machines form both companies provide a colored touch LED that is easy to use.
  • DeLonghi has the upper hand on semi-automated models since it offers a programmable user interface that lets you set the coffee machine and leave the rest to the device.
  • Breville coffee makers provide self-explanatory and straightforward controls, which makes it easier to use.



Both Breville and DeLonghi offer self-cleaning options in their machines that come with removable water reservoirs for easier cleaning. Still, consumers have concluded that DeLonghi coffee machines are easier to clean because of its simple design. 


Which One Should You Buy and Why?

Both brands offer some of the best coffee machines in the market and ensure you will always have top-quality cups of coffee at home. Breville and DeLonghi offer an array of coffee maker products that are both versatile, easy to maintain, and use. 

However, Breville tends to more expensive, so if you have a more generous budget and are a long time coffee maker, you can opt for this brand. For novices, DeLonghi is simpler to use and offers products with more modest prices. But ultimately, the decision will be up to you. Find what coffee machine works best to meet your coffee-making standards. Happy shopping!



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