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Chocolate Peppermint Stick Moonshine

Home Made Chocolate Peppermint Stick Moonshine


Learn this fabulous moonshine recipe that is as easy as apple pie! This cocktail is a wonderful homemade gift idea which has awesome minty moonshine flavor to it.





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You can use moonshine or any peppermint candy cane flavored fermented?beverage will pack a punch at your any holiday party. If you want a less potent version, you can sub vodka for the everclear.


Chocolate Peppermint Stick Moonshine


Hosting a holiday party and want a festive fermented beverage? This homemade Chocolate peppermint Moonshine recipe will do the unbelievable trick! SEE OUR PINTEREST PIN FOR THIS RECIPE


How To Make Chocolate Peppermint Candy Cane Moonshine:


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Peppermint moonshine cocktails For All [Never for Underage!]

Chocolate Peppermint Moonshine
Recipe type: Infusion
Cuisine: Cocktail Alcohol Drinks Moonshine or Everclear or Vodka

  • Moonshine
  • Chocolate (dark)
  • Peppermints

  1. Fill bottom of large jar with 1/2 cup soft peppermints.
  2. Roughly chop 1 medium bar of dark chocolate and sprinkle on top.
  3. Fill jar with moonshine and let sit for 2 weeks (mints should be fully dissolved)
  4. Shake once every other day.
  5. Serve warm.

You can use moonshine or any peppermint candy cane flavored fermented beverage will pack a punch at your any holiday party. If you want a less potent version, you can sub vodka for the everclear.


Chocolate Peppermint Stick Moonshine


Another version: Chocolate peppermint candy cane recipe -?


Chocolate Peppermint Stick Moonshine


Take peppermint candy canes (use a package with a 12 candy canes) and crush them up using any food processor or blender you have. Use these peppermint stick instead of mint and taste the difference! This homemade Chocolate Candy Cane Moonshine recipe will do the unbelievable?trick!


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