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Cocktail Trends 2021

cocktail drinks

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Must-Drink Cocktail Trends for 2021

You don?t need to stick to the tried and tested cocktail recipes that have been around for decades. Ring the changes this year and shake things up with some hot new ideas for cocktails for 2021. New trends in the cocktail world include garden-fresh drinks using ingredients grown in your own plot, cocktails you can drink without the hangover, and even beverages blended from teas.

Get inspired by our collection of delicious drinks and mix it up this year with some new combinations of ingredients and spirits. Just add sunshine for a bright 2021.

Hot Trend #1: Tea Lovers Cocktails

We?re all familiar with the use of coffee in liqueurs and cocktails but one of the hottest new cocktail trends for 2021 is to mix tea with spirits to create refreshing blends. Irish coffee is a little too heavy for drinkers today, with its emphasis on cream, and a tea cocktail provides the ideal balance between lightness and a caffeine hit.




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Try a gin and Earl Grey mixture or indulge in white tea liqueur and citrus, or make a green tea mojito. You can also try creating a long island iced tea with a boozy touch, adding speciality tea leaves plus fresh peaches.


Hot Trend #2: Fresh From The Garden

Summer is the time to enjoy long, happy lunches and dinners outdoors with friends and family. Put a barbeque grill in the corner and serve simple salads, grilled meats and fresh vegetables straight from the coals.

And why not add a splash of freshness to your cocktails? Garnish your drink with a touch of thyme, muddle with some fresh mint taken directly from your pots, and you can even add homegrown chilli to a beverage to make it extra fiery. Homegrown ingredients are the way forward.


Hot trend #3: Long Spritzes

Many more people are embracing a lower-alcohol intake and the spritz is the ideal way to enjoy a leisurely cocktail without any of the headaches. Plus, bubbles make everything seem happier and lighter. You can use prosecco or champagne, or make things alcohol free with a sparkling cordial.


Hot Trend# 4: Low-Alcohol and No Alcohol

Low-alcohol concoctions are increasingly popular, and there are many new mocktails on the menu that contain no alcohol. Perfect for anyone looking to limit their intake. The great news is you don?t have to compromise on taste to enjoy these drinks. Premium no-alcohol spirits made from botanicals are taking the market by storm. And flavoured tonic waters are sought-after for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixers.

If you?re looking for more inspiration and ideas for 2021 drinks, check out the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2021 which lists all the ways the drinks market is transforming this year. The best way to enjoy these drinks is by experimenting. Try different flavour combinations and add fresh ingredients for a delicious taste. Choose whether to add alcohol, and enjoy drinking these creations with friends.



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