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Favorite Dishes You Can Make With Marinara Sauce

If you like comfort food, then you must like Italian food. There is no other comfort food better than Italian. At the end of the day, eating Italian cuisine feels like a warm hug from a loved one.

Besides being the go-to comfort for many, it is also easy to cook. Some recipes have simple and basic ingredients that you can make within ten minutes. This makes Italian food popular amongst amateur cooks and people who do not have the time to cook.

Moreover, it is easy to learn, and once you get the hang of it and understand what pairs well, you can mix-match your dishes as per your taste and preferences.

Sauces like jarred marinara sauce have been a staple in many Italian-American homes, as it is crafted keeping in mind the real taste and the right ingredients.




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Marinara is the true hearty sauce of Italian cooking, perfectly paired with many pasta dishes and other meals. It is a simple tomato-based sauce with garlic, some herbs, onions, and other ingredients, which make it quite versatile.

While traditionally, families make this sauce and store it to be used later on, there are plenty of pre-made options in the market that are convenient and might taste better.

If you are a novice to cooking and do not know what to cook with marinara sauce, here are some food items you must know about.


1. White Calzones with Marinara Sauce

Cheesy calzone is one of the ultimate comfort foods; the fresh cheese inside the crusty and dry layer of calzone is the perfect dish for a family dinner. While you can eat calzones as it is; however, they tend to lack that tangy flavor.

So, you can pair them with a marinara sauce for the ultimate combination. The flavor of the cheese, bread, and seasonings will be heightened when you use such a sauce. The tangy flavor of the sauce will make the calzones taste even better and make them less dry as well.


2. Pasta

Marinara sauce pasta is the basic thing you can cook when starting with Italian food. This is the most favorite dish on the list. While it is easy to cook, the dish is incomparable and unbeatable, almost an all-time favorite of many worldwide.

Depending on how complex or easy you want the dish, you can boil pasta, toss it in with marinara sauce in a hot pan, and season it.

The other way is slow-cooking it in an oven with lots of cheese and other veggies and ingredients.

However, the best part is that anybody can cook this pasta without prerequisite culinary knowledge.

In addition, the flavors of the dish are so universal that it resembles various people.


3. Lasagna

If you want that ultimate cheesy experience along with some, make a lasagna using the jarred marinara sauce. The sauce’s tanginess will complement the blandness of the cheesy, and the flavors of the other ingredients will simply burst into your mouth.

The marinara sauce will combine all the ingredients for a perfect cheesy dish.

These are the few top dishes you can make with marinara sauce. If you are looking to save time and want to enjoy a quick meal, it is recommended only to buy pre-made marinara sauce from a reputed seller.



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