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Food To Go: Healthy Snacks For Students



Rather tasteless lunches in the university cafeteria force students to spend money on buns and chocolates or even stay hungry at all. A simple and universal solution is to take food from home. And if you feel like you don't have enough time for meal prep, remember that you have there are writing services EssayHub offers to help students that are pressed for time. However, not always and everywhere there is an opportunity to heat it, and sometimes there isn't even time for lunch itself. A full lunch for a student is very important, because if you do not get the necessary micronutrients, you will not be able to concentrate and memorize educational material. This affects the success of your studies, so if you do not want to resort to essay writing help, you need to eat a full meal. So what to do? Set up your own lunch box! So what to do? Put your lunch box up!

What is the proper way to snack?

The first rule of lunchbox packing: all food should be such that it can be picked up with your hands. Therefore, make sure that you always have wet and dry wipes with you beforehand. It is also important that the contents of the lunch box should be tasty when cold, and that it does not stain or crumble.

Make sure that wet foods do not come into contact with the rest of the food, use special dividers or choose containers with multiple compartments. If you made a sandwich - cut it into four pieces, a pita roll or a "pocket" of pita - in half. If you want to take a casserole with you, make it in muffin cups. Don't fill pancakes and pies with crumbly or juicy berry fillings, make them small, just for a couple of bites. Wrap baked goods and sandwiches in foil or clingfilm to keep them from getting soggy.




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Despite nutriciels' advice about proper regimen, students often forget to snack and remember to do it, at the end of the day, so perishable foods such as cooked sausage, frankfurters, butter sandwiches, red fish, mayonnaise sauce should not be put in a container. Also in a warm room poorly stored glazed curds, drinking yogurt and pastries with cream - they are better to eat at home.

If you decide to take fruit with you, choose small, firm fruits - they are easier to eat. Soft fruits (peaches, apricots, plums) are better placed immediately in a container, otherwise, they risk being smeared on school notebooks and textbooks.

While packing lunch for university, don't forget about your preferences. If you don't like celery or turkey meat, please don't put them in your lunchbox, even if you think these foods are healthy. You are more likely to be tempted to buy fast food at lunchtime by looking at your classmates.


What to put in a lunch box? Simple snack ideas

A complete student's snack should consist of a hearty main course, vegetables, fruits or berries, and snacks. In our article, we have compiled a sample list of ingredients and dishes suitable for eating at university.


Main dishes:

  • pita roll with boiled or baked chicken fillet and cottage cheese;
  • thinly sliced roast beef or baked turkey;
  • small meat or vegetarian meatballs;
  • farmer's cheese + whole-grain crackers;
  • ham, cheese, lettuce sandwich;
  • tortillas with cheese topping;
  • hard-boiled eggs + whole-grain bread;
  • pita with vegetable toppings and hummus.


Fruits and vegetables:

  • oranges or tangerines (peeled slices);
  • apples or pears (whole or in slices);
  • strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, black currants;
  • peaches, apricots, plums (slices, halves)
  • seedless grapes;
  • kiwi (without peel);
  • bananas;
  • carrots (sticks);
  • cucumbers (sticks or circles);
  • cherry tomatoes;
  • sweet peppers (in rings or slices);
  • celery with petioles;
  • peking lettuce;
  • radish;
  • olives.


Snacks and sweets:

  • nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts), coconut chips;
  • dried fruits and candied fruits (raisins, apricots, dried cranberries, cherries, mangoes, dates);
  • natural fruit marshmallows;
  • fruit or vegetable chips;
  • energy bars;
  • crackers made of wholemeal flour;
  • vanilla croutons, crackers, and loafers;
  • individually wrapped biscuits or cookies;
  • homemade pastries (muffins, oatmeal cookies, dense non-dairy cake, etc.)
  • chocolate bars;
  • marmalade.


Don’t forget the drink!

A bottle of non-carbonated water is the best option for the student. Unlike bright morsels and sweet juices, there is no need to wash them off in case of an "accident" and it is healthier because it does not contain sugar. Some people take store-bought smoothies. In addition, students like to take a thermos of tea or coffee with them.



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