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6 Fun Things To Do In Scottsdale

Scottsdale is one of the most amazing places in the US. Even though it doesn’t get as much attention as Hollywood, Vegas, and Manhattan, the truth is that it’s unique in its own right. A lack of awareness by no means implies a lack of value, only that the place will be less crowded with tourists, which is already a huge plus. Therefore, you might want to plan your next trip there.

So, what is there to do in Scottsdale anyhow? Well, it turns out that this place has to offer quite a bit. Here are a few examples.

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1. Go on a Segway Tour

While some people may frown on this kind of tourism, the truth is that this will only be the case if they’ve never tried it. Segwaying is more fun than both walking and cycling. It gives you a chance to cover more ground, it keeps you from getting tired, and it may be harder to keep balance on this thing than you expect it to be.




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Now, instead of just having to buy a segway, you can look for one of many Scottsdale segway tours. There are some scheduled for the morning, while others are centered around the sunset. This way, you get to segway around the city while it’s lit by evening lights and have the privilege of doing it in a much cooler temperature. The cost is between $55 and $80 for an adult, depending on the time of day that you want the tour to take place during.


2. 4WD Tour

Only a person who was never stuck in mud or snow can admire an urban contact vehicle. No, monster trucks don’t just exist to inflate one’s ego, they’re functional vehicles designed to traverse the most difficult terrains imaginable. Still, these vehicles are expensive and it seems kind of reckless to buy one without checking out what it feels like. In Scottsdale, there are numerous 4WD tours that you can embark on.

Now, make no mistake, driving a sand buggy is in no way the same as getting a massive 4WD vehicle. It will, however, give you an interesting experience in operating a vehicle with a similar drive. The sheer amount of control that you get from a 4WD vehicle, even a tiny one is beyond comparison. For those who want something bigger, there’s also a chance to rent out an off-road jeep for a special tour. From this point on, you can also get on a hummer adventure, provided that you book the right tour.


3. Propose to Your SO

Scottsdale is one of the most romantic spots on the continent. First of all, it has some of the most beautiful sunsets out there. This means that the setting, a combination of urban and desert, will already work for you. The images taken here are some of the most picturesque ever. If you want to make it even more memorable, you can make an impulse decision to buy the ring in a jewelry store in Scottsdale and propose during the Grand Canyon tour.

The best part is that Scottsdale has so iconic architecture and some of the most innovative street art on the continent, which means that you can propose right there in the street. The place is not overflown with tourists to ruin your intimate moment and nearby restaurants/bars are always nearby for you to celebrate.


4. Half-Day Tours

Another thing you need to consider is the Scottsdale famous half-day tours. What are these all about? Well, a half-day tour is an ambitious tour that doesn’t consume the entirety of your day. Instead, it takes 3-4 hours and usually offers you a chance to schedule it and cancel it for free. This means that you get so much flexibility in planning your day in Scottsdale, as well as a chance to combine even more of these tours into a single day.

The natures of these tours are quite varied. You can schedule a food tour, cities and nature tour, a 3-hour long hiking adventure, or a 5-hour long Apache trail tour. Either way, you get to spend a day doing something fun and doing something to your liking. Instead of going to a water canyon adventure, you can pick a foodie’s tour and vice-versa. All in all, there’s something for everyone.


5. Shopping Malls

Scottsdale is a major shopping Mecca. It’s the home of Scottsdale Fashion Square, Kierland Commons, The Promenade, and The Pavilions at Talking Sticks. Every single one of these is more than equipped to give you the ultimate shopping experience but they’re only the tip of the iceberg of all that Scottsdale has to offer. Depending on the part of the year, you may have some special offers there. Most importantly, Scottsdale is home to a famous Fashion Week, which means that it’s also a great place for you to reinvigorate your wardrobe.


6. The Art Scene

Needless to say, Scottsdale is the epicenter of Arizona’s cultural life. As such, it’s home to numerous art galleries and there’s even an unofficial arts district on Main Street. From Elan Wollitzer Gallery, all the way to Expressions Gallery, Scottsdale simply has so much to offer.

Keep in mind that the place is rich with history, as well, so if you want to go on a historical tour, you can do it by exploring Old Town or on a cities and nature tour. Either way, it’s a unique spot and may end up teaching you a lot of new things. Moreover, keep in mind that some of these tours accept up to 5 people, which is why it’s a great learning activity for your kids.


Wrap Up

At the end of the day, Scottsdale might not be on everyone’s to-visit list but this has nothing to do with the actual number of opportunities that the place provides. In reality, Scottsdale is a place unlike any other and it’s definitely worth paying a visit. The number of options allows you to customize your tours and get the most value out of this visit one way or another. Whether you’re an adventurous soul, a hopeless romantic, or both, Scottsdale always comes through.



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