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green coffee

Green Coffee: Everything You Need To Know

green coffee beans

green coffee beans

Green Coffee: What It Is, How It Tastes, Why People Drink It? This article will try to answer all your question that have you curious.

If you think that green coffee is just another passing craze, you might be in for a surprise. Green coffee beans are completely different from conventional coffee beans. They have their own nutritional benefits and a unique taste.

What is green coffee?

Green coffee is just regular coffee but made from coffee beans that are completely raw that have not been roasted. Naturally, coffee beans are picked from the farms and processed, maintaining their fresh, green nature. Only when they are roasted do they produce the familiar brown color.

Ripe coffee berries are red or yellow when picked from the coffee bush. The coffee beans are actually the pits of the berries. The pits/seeds inside the coffee berries are extracted to make coffee. Each coffee berry contains two coffee seeds inside. When raw, they are green but turn brown when they are roasted.




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How is green coffee different from normal coffee?

Green coffee and normal coffee have two notable differences: they look different and taste different as well. Normal coffee is dark brown in color with a fragrant roasted smell while green tea on the other hand produces a green tinge and tastes completely opposite to roasted coffee beans. When beans are roasted, there's also a difference between medium roast and other roasts. They have a nice brown color that is not that light but also not that dark, when they are medium roasted. Unlike dark roasted beans, they will not have an oily surface and will feel dry to the touch. For both people who like stronger flavors and those who want their coffee to have a sweet taste, you can click here to learn more about medium roasted beans.


What does green coffee taste like?

green coffee

green coffee

Unlike normal coffee, green coffee does not produce a rich, roasted coffee flavor. Green coffee is a mild alternative to normal coffee. It has a little bit of that familiar coffee taste to it but generally tastes like herbal green tea. You will not get the flavor of brown coffee since the bean obtains its flavors when roasted. So, if you are looking for green tea, but with the benefits of coffee and more, green coffee is the perfect combination of the two.


What make green coffee so different from regular coffee?

Raw coffee beans, like many other berries and fruits, contains  chlorogenic acid compounds. Together with caffein acid, chlorogenic acid compound is what gives raw coffee beans its strong antioxidant properties.

green coffee beans in bag

green coffee beans in bag

However, when coffee beans are roasted the chlorogenicacid levels in the beans reduce drastically.  This means that green coffee beans have a higher amount of chlorogenic acid when compared to roasted coffee beans. Therefore, raw coffee beans have more antioxidants and therefore more health benefits than roasted coffee beans. For instance, dark roast coffee Is less caffeinated than light roast coffee. This means that Dark roast coffee has considerably much less caffein than green coffee.

This means that the raw green coffee beans contain considerably more caffein than coffee beans that have been subjected to the roasting process.

The difference between green coffee and regular roasted coffee may differ depending on the on the methods of roasting and variety of beans. However, the general roasting process lowers the caffein levels in coffee beans.


How to brew green coffee

green coffee cup leaves

green coffee cup leaves

  • First you will need a quality grinder and green (unprocessed coffee beans)
  • Grid your beans to sand-sized bits then add them to hot (90 degrees Fahrenheit) water.
  • Give the mixture 10 minutes to brew then strain it out and serve it.

Brewing green coffee using the unroasted coffee beans is not that hard. However, without a good, quality grinder, it can be an impossible task. The raw coffee beans tend to be a little harder than the roasted ones therefore more difficult to work with

If you do not have a good grinder, here is an alternative.

  • First, soak your green coffee beans in water using the same ratio you would when brewing a cup of coffee.
  • After 12 ? 18 hours pour the mixture into a pan and bring it to boil then let it simmer in medium temperature for about 10 minutes.
  • Gives the mixture some time to cool out completely then strain it and serve it.

It is important that you follow brewing instructions when making green coffee. If brewed incorrectly, the coffee could turn watery or bitter, which is the opposite of what you want your green coffee to taste like.

Heath benefits of green coffee

lady drinking from cup

lady drinking from cup

Green coffee beans are manufactured to produced green coffee extract. Green coffee extract contains more chlorogenic acid as compared to normal roasted coffee. Chlorogenic acid has antioxidants and is believed to raise resting metabolic rate which causes you to burn fat faster.


Final word

While green coffee is not as strong and rich in flavor like roasted coffee, it can be a mild refreshing alternative to those who can?t stand the strong taste of coffee. Coffee made from raw coffee beans that have not been subjected to the roasting process also contain more caffein than green coffee and light roast coffee.



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