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Hosting A Cocktail Party: 7 Tips For Planning And Preparation

Cocktail parties first appeared in the US over 50 years ago. Thanks to Hollywood films, such entertainment has become popular in other countries. Now, cocktail parties are organized for any occasion all over the world. Some of them are huge and noisy, while others are for small, cozy circles.

Usually, drinks and snacks are served as a buffet, and the event lasts for 2-4 hours. This format allows guests to move around the hall freely, and a cocktail glass in hand gives them the feeling as if they are movie characters.

A cocktail party is a great way to entertain since it’s suitable for any guest list. Regardless of who you are going to invite, there are several ways to create a chic party, and below, you’ll find 7 of them.

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pouring champiagne in glass

1. Create A Scenario

First of all, the success of a cocktail party hugely depends on a well-thought-out scenario. Use one of the cocktail eras as a reference, for example, the times of Prohibition. Throw a party in a Great Gatsby style with its glitter and luxury. As for the cocktails of that time, go for Dry Martini, Bloody Mary, or Long Island.

You can also return to the 1960s when doll dresses and felt hats were super trendy. Get inspired by the “Mad Men” series, where the characters drank Manhattan and Daiquiri. If you like the 1980s, then focus on glamor and disco. You will need lots of mint for the Mojito and a mirror ball that spins under the ceiling.

Of course, you need to master the iconic cocktail recipes of the chosen era, warn guests about the dress code and select the appropriate music. Such a party will be remembered for a long time, as every guest will play the main role in this stunning performance.


2. Organize The Space

A classic cocktail party is all about informal communication with guests who are free to move around. Therefore, sufficient space is essential. In addition, the event requires:

  • Counter and tools for bartending (shaker, jigger, bar spoon, etc.);
  • Dishes and accessories for drinks (glasses, straws, decorations);
  • Lounge area with furniture that creates a cozy atmosphere;
  • DJ’s installation and quality equipment;
  • Dance floor and other entertainment areas for master classes, shows, etc.

If you want to host a themed event, you will surely decorate the location in the chosen style. But even if there is no clear concept, don’t forget about flowers, candles, unforgettable smells, and so on.


3. Don’t Forget About The Dress Code

It doesn’t matter if the event is formal or informal; the guests must follow the dress code.

Thus, women can go for cocktail dresses. In the traditional form, this is a model of a simple cut, without a collar and sleeves, and made of light fabric. The outfit is complemented by jewelry, a miniature handbag, and elegant shoes. As for men, etiquette requires them to come in a classic suit with a light-colored shirt.

If the meeting is informal, almost any outfit is acceptable, including casual, romantic, retro, ethnic, and other styles. Of course, the event’s theme and the dress code must be announced by the organizers in the invitation.


4. Focus On Quality Instead Of Quantity

Many inexperienced party organizers make the mistake of turning a cocktail party into a professional bar. But it is better to limit yourself to a set of popular cocktails and rely not on quantity but on quality.

The minimum strategic reserve is vodka, whiskey, rum (universal bacardi is better), gin, vermouth (Martini), liquors (at least coffee, orange, and Baileys), and champagne. All this is arranged on a separate table. Put wine and champagne on ice to meet guests fully armed and not run from one refrigerator to another.


5. Experiment And Use Your Imagination

Professionals calculate the consumption rate according to the formula of 3 different cocktails per guest. After all, the goal of such parties is to enjoy the nuances of taste. In addition to mixes, prepare a couple of non-alcoholic cocktails. There will certainly be guests who drive or avoid alcohol for other reasons.


6. There Is Never Too Much Ice

This is another common mistake. Have you checked the shopping list several times but forgot about the ice? But ice is one of the key ingredients. Well, it’s better to prepare two batches of ice. The first is the one you will put in drinks. The second is the one where bottles and dishes will be cooled. It should be at least three times larger than the first batch.

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7. Prepare A Simple Yet Tasty Menu

A buffet is the most convenient format for a cocktail party. Once the drinks are well thought-out, move on to the so-called finger food, that is, light snacks that are convenient to take with your hands. Small sandwiches, sliced ​​vegetables, fruits, baskets, shrimp skewers – this is what can be on the table. Since guests will be holding glasses in one hand, they will be comfortable tasting mini portions.


To Wrap It Up

Make a list of invited guests at least two weeks in advance. By the way, find out their preferences. This is how you will know which drinks you need to prepare. At a 2-hour event, it is recommended to serve 300 ml of weak alcohol per person and 200 ml of strong one.

Choose a location based on the event’s concept and the number of guests. And keep in mind the lease of premises, furniture, and equipment. Send out invitations to your guests. If the meeting is official, do it a month before the appointed date. For informal parties, a notification 10 days or a week before the event is enough. State the occasion, day, time, location, and dress code.

Create a list of cocktails and snacks. Purchase the necessary drinks and products, taking the terms of their storage into account. You also need to rent the missing furniture, bar tools, dishes, decorations, and accessories for serving food and drinks. And, of course, during the party, be sure to chat with all the guests so that no one is bored or left alone. After all, everyone should feel like a welcome guest who is always seen and heard.



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