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How To Choose A Budget Coffee Maker For Home

coffee maker

coffee maker

Drip coffee makers are widely used both at home and in offices due to their uncomplicated design and simple operation. There are different types of coffee makers like espresso machines, visit this to get an affordable espresso machine under 200. There are different espresso machines offered in the market and here are automatic espresso machine recommendations for you.

Since their range is quite large, choosing the right device can be difficult.

Therefore, for the convenience of customers, MyFriendsCoffee will help you choose a budget coffee maker.




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The selection of the best models was made taking into account three factors: expert reviews, opinions of ordinary buyers and official test results.

Rules for choosing a budget coffee maker

coffee makers

coffee makers

Power. A value of 600-1000 W is considered optimal, since coffee is not brewed too quickly and has time to reach the desired quality.

Coffee pot volume. The number of cups of coffee that the machine can brew depends on it. The optimal volume is considered to be 0.6-1.5 liters, that is, 4-12 cups of coffee.

Flask material. Heat resistant glass only.

Filters for drip coffee makers. There are disposable (paper) and reusable (nylon or metal). Disposable ones are more preferable, as they will allow you to brew rich coffee without impurities, but they constantly need to be changed.

Drop-stop system. A must, as it protects the heating element from moisture ingress.

Additional functions. The functions of the on timer, delayed start, selection of the strength of coffee and the number of mugs to be brewed are considered useful. Also, a built-in coffee grinder with several degrees of grinding of beans will not be superfluous.


Best budget coffee makers



Philips HD7767 Grind & Brew

A feature of the Philips HD7767 Grind & Brew coffee maker is the presence of a built-in coffee grinder with conical burrs. It will help you grind the grains in nine settings - from fine to coarse.

And the sealed container will keep the coffee powder fresh. In addition to beans for preparing a drink, you can use ground coffee, as there is a function that turns off the coffee grinder and allows you to simply pour ground coffee into the filter.

Using a special regulator, you can adjust the number of cups, the strength of the drink, as well as the time for maintaining the temperature of the finished drink (10-180 minutes).

There is a special nozzle inside the jug that mixes the drink during brewing to achieve optimal taste.

And the "Drop-stop" system will allow you to pour coffee into a cup without waiting for the end of the brewing process.


Kitfort KT-719

The Kitfort KT-719 coffee maker model has a very simple design and functionality. It is equipped with a push-button control panel and a display with an electronic clock, with which you can monitor the remaining cooking time.

The built-in keep warm function will keep the brewed coffee equally hot and aromatic for 40 minutes after the end of brewing.

The delayed start timer will allow you not to waste time in the morning preparing an aromatic drink. To do this, in the evening, it is necessary to pour the required amount of water into the tank, pour ground coffee into the filter and program the time for turning on the coffee maker.

The device is designed to dispense up to 12 cups of the drink. In addition, you do not need to wait until the end of brewing to pour coffee, as the anti-drip system will allow you to do this immediately after the start of brewing.


Bosch ComfortLine TKA 6A041

The Bosch ComfortLine TKA 6A041 coffee maker is designed to prepare from 10 to 15 cups of coffee. An important feature of this model is the ability to set the required strength of the drink using the Aroma + button function.

The anti-drip system is designed for users who do not have time to wait for the end of brewing, so they can pour the drink into the cup right away.

The platform heats up automatically and maintains a constant coffee temperature. Additionally, you can program its shutdown after 20, 40 or 60 minutes.

A clear water level indicator will allow you to accurately fill the tank with water, and a fine-mesh reusable filter included in the kit will not allow the slightest grain of sand to get into the finished drink.

For simple descaling, the manufacturer has provided a special program that will give a visual signal about the need to process the device.



Having considered in detail the rules for choosing coffee makers, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages, the buyer can independently choose the kitchen equipment.

To do this, you just need to compare your preferences with the information provided in the article.



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