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Consider Insuring Your Wedding Band

Important Reasons for You to Consider Insuring Your Wedding Band

Important Reasons for You to Consider Insuring Your Wedding Band

When you buy something expensive, not only do you spend a lot of time and effort on making the selection but ensure that you insure it to protect your investment in case of loss or damage. While people insure their homes, cars, lives, health, and even trips abroad as a matter of course, they never think of insuring their jewelry like wedding rings, even though it is quite expensive. A brief overview of the reasons why you should invariably insure your wedding ring:

A Warranty Is Not the Same as Insurance

Many people confuse warranties that the jewelry manufacturer gives on wedding rings with insurance. It is important to understand the difference. Warranties are a kind of protection that protects your investment against design and manufacturing defects. For example, if you buy a ring online and find that the stone is missing after the delivery, you can ask the manufacturer to replace it with a new ring. However, if you lose the ring or it gets damaged because of careless handling, the warrant cannot be enforced. All products sold by leading online retailers like EpicWeddingBands have a warranty, but you need to insure them separately at your own cost.




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Safeguards Sentimental Value

Even though you may have spent a bomb on your wedding ring, its value is much more because of its sentiments attached to it. Every time you look or touch your wedding ring, you are reminded of your love and the many special moments of your wedded life. While it is a tragedy if you lose the ring or if it is stolen and it is impossible to put a dollar figure to the loss, having an insurance policy can help in reducing the pain and allow you to buy a replacement without financial distress to add to your problems.

Limited Coverage of Your Renters and Homeowners Insurance Policy

Taking out a Renters and Homeowners Insurance policy is mandatory if you purchase or rent a home for protecting your house as well as your belongings from untoward incidents like fires, floods, storms, and even theft. However, the coverage of insurance differs from one policy to another, which means that you should verify that your policy includes loss of jewelry due to natural disasters, theft, and other reasons. It is common for insurance policies to include theft but not if you lose it accidentally. Typically, there are also limits to the amount of reimbursement the policy will give, according to a Huffington Post report. You will need to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the policy before buying it. To avoid complications, it is better to take out a separate insurance policy for your wedding band any other jewelry you may have. To ensure you get compensated fairly in case of a claim, you should have the jewelry appraised independently.


Even if you handle the ring carefully, there is simply no way of avoiding accidents, natural disasters, and theft. Buying an insurance policy for your precious wedding ring is a must, especially when you consider how expensive it can be.

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