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Cornmeal for Moonshine

Indian Head Corn Meal Whiskey

Indian Head Corn Meal Whiskey is a great mash recipe that even a novice distilling enthusiast can tackle with no problem.

The ingredients are easy to obtain and it doesn?t add any additional steps compared to an ordinary grain mash. Just make sure you mix the corn and malted barley well, use sanitize equipment, and let the mash ferment completely.

Even a novice ‘shiner should get a great tasting corn meal moonshine as a result, and that?s the best part about this recipe.

Indian Head Corn Meal Whiskey
A recipe inspired by it's easy-to-source ingredients!
  1. Pour the water in the fermenter then add corn meal, avoiding lumps from being formed.
  2. Heat the cornmeal to about 165F, stirring occasionally.
  3. Let cool to about 150F.
  4. Add malted barley, mix well to avoid clumping.
  5. Let cool to under 90F.
  6. Pitch yeast, close the lid and put airlock in place.
  7. Allow to ferment completely, should take about a week.
  8. Rack the wash off the yeast and grain sediment into the still using a siphon tube.
  9. Distill the wash as you normally would.
Using a darker type of malt gives more flavor and color to the wash, but avoid using roasted or caramel malts as these carry no enzymes necessary to break down the starches.

If needed, add a teaspoon of amylase enzyme to ensure good starch conversion.

Depending on still type your efficiency and spirit proof may vary.






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