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Is Fruit Juice On The Wane? What You Should Know About Trends In The Juice Industry In 2022

fruits and juices

The market for fruit juices and vegetable beverages is going strong, and no, fruit juice is not on the wane! In fact, it’s stronger than ever, with new variations in taste and flavour, including texture, to make it more in-demand. So, if you are involved in the manufacturing of fruit and vegetable juices or would like to spice up your menu with specific ingredients and flavour combos that are guaranteed to be a hit, what should you know about certain trends in the juice industry and market in 2022? Where is it going, and what’s in store? Analysts say that the market experiences an annual growth of five per cent! To know more, let’s have a look.


1. The increased popularity of cold-pressed juices

Cold-pressed juices are on the rise, first of all. If you didn’t already know, cold-pressed juice is made with instantaneous autoclaving, where the juice is pressed without the need for high temperatures. The process is such that the original flavour of the juice is retained whilst eliminating any harmful microorganisms. It has gotten more popular in the last few years alone, with Starbucks spending $30 million to acquire the cold-pressed juice manufacturer Evolution Fresh. Whilst way back when it was first coming out, in 2005, Coca-Cola purchased a stake with Sujia. It is supposed to be even more popular in the coming years, across different markets in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.




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2. Beverages with low sugar or sugar-free drinks

Many people choose to reduce their sugar intake, which translates into juices. And it’s not just a trend – it looks like it is here to stay. As you may know, some countries in the West are taxed with the high amount of sugar in their drinks, and producers are required to show the sugar quantity on their labels. As a result, the industry has made some changes, especially in reducing the amount of sugar in beverages and finding alternative sources. For instance, honey has long been the preferred alternative, but other ingredients are used nowadays, such as mangosteen and stevia. Often, the juice is extracted too, particularly from fruits and vegetables with low sugar content, as confirmed by fruit juice concentrate producers like EE & Brian Smith. It is also a great solution because it adds more dietary fibre to the juice.


3. Fruit juice replacing meals

There is another trend in the market that you or someone you know has tried at one point – fruit juice acting as a replacement for meals. Fasting has become a more common way to shed unwanted pounds, and with it, a person does away with the 3-meal staple for three days, at least, and instead drinks six or seven bottles of fruit juice per day to get their nutrients. It makes sense, as juice in the morning promotes better digestion, whilst juice at noon helps bring warmth to the stomach and supplies energy. In addition, most people prefer fruit combined with vegetable juices to make them feel full longer, contributing to a more restful sleep.


4. Juice for children

Traditionally, juices for children consisted of protein and milk drinks. But this is changing,  as juice produced with higher standards is coming out, along with attractive packaging and more innovative designs.



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