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Starbucks Menu Lists

Starbucks Menu Lists

Starbucks Corporation is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves headquartered in Seattle, Washington. As the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, Starbucks is seen to be the main representation of the United States’ third wave of coffee culture. As of September 2020, the company had 32,660 stores in 83 countries, including 16,637 company operated stores and 16,023 licensed stores. Of these 32,660 stores, 18,354 were in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Starbucks locations serve hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, microground instant coffee known as VIA, espresso, caffe latte, full- and loose-leaf teas including Teavana tea products, Evolution Fresh juices, Frappuccino beverages, La Boulange pastries, and snacks including items such as chips and crackers; some offerings (including the annual fall launch of the Pumpkin Spice Latte) are seasonal or specific to the locality of the store. Depending on the country, most locations offer free Wi-Fi.

Hot Coffees

Caffè Americano
Espresso shots topped with hot water create a light layer of crema culminating in this wonderfully rich cup with depth and nuance. Pro Tip: For an additional boost, ask your barista to try this with an extra shot.

Brewed Coffees

Blonde Roast

Lightly roasted coffee that’s soft, mellow and flavorful. Easy-drinking on its own and delicious with milk, sugar or flavored with vanilla, caramel or hazelnut.




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Caffè Misto

A one-to-one combination of fresh-brewed coffee and steamed milk add up to one distinctly delicious coffee drink remarkably mixed.

Featured Starbucks® Dark Roast Coffee

This full-bodied dark roast coffee with bold, robust flavors showcases our roasting and blending artistry—an essential blend of balanced and lingering flavors.

Pike Place® Roast

From our first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to our coffeehouses around the world, customers requested a freshly brewed coffee they could enjoy throughout the day. In 2008 our master blenders and roasters created this for you—a smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtly rich flavors of chocolate and toasted nuts, it’s served fresh every day at a Starbucks® store near you.

Decaf Pike Place® Roast

From our first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to our coffeehouses around the world, customers requested a freshly brewed coffee they could enjoy throughout the day. In 2008 our master blenders and roasters created this for you—a smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtly rich flavors of chocolate and toasted nuts, it’s served fresh every day at a Starbucks® store near you. (Decaf as you like it.)


Dark, rich espresso lies in wait under a smoothed and stretched layer of thick milk foam. An alchemy of barista artistry and craft.

Espresso Shots

Our smooth signature Espresso Roast with rich flavor and caramelly sweetness is at the very heart of everything we do.
Espresso Con Panna

Espresso meets a dollop of whipped cream to enhance the rich and caramelly flavors of a straight-up shot.

Flat Whites

Flat White

Smooth ristretto shots of espresso get the perfect amount of steamed whole milk to create a not-too-strong, not-too-creamy, just-right flavor.

Honey Almondmilk Flat White

This flat white intentionally pairs almondmilk and Starbucks® Blonde Espresso Roast with a hint of honey, making a perfect amount of creamy, nutty sweetness


Caffè Latte

Our dark, rich espresso balanced with steamed milk and a light layer of foam. A perfect milk-forward warm-up.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte

We add freshly steamed milk and cinnamon dolce-flavored syrup to our classic espresso, topped with sweetened whipped cream and a cinnamon dolce topping to bring you specialness in a treat.

Starbucks Reserve® Latte

Small-lot Starbucks Reserve® espresso balanced with steamed milk and a light layer of foam forms a perfectly handcrafted latte.

Starbucks Reserve® Hazelnut Bianco Latte

House-made hazelnut-praline-infused milk combined with our small-lot Starbucks Reserve® espresso—a true character of sweetly nut love.

Starbucks® Blonde Vanilla Latte

Extra-smooth Starbucks® Blonde Espresso, velvety steamed milk and vanilla syrup come together to create a delightful new twist on a beloved espresso classic. An ideal cup for those who prefer a lighter-roasted coffee.


Caramel Macchiato

Freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup marked with espresso and topped with a caramel drizzle for an oh-so-sweet finish.

Espresso Macchiato

Our rich espresso marked with dollop of steamed milk and foam. A European-style classic.


Caffè Mocha

Our rich, full-bodied espresso combined with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, then topped with sweetened whipped cream. The classic coffee drink that always sweetly satisfies.

Starbucks Reserve® Dark Chocolate Mocha

Our small-lot Starbucks Reserve® espresso combined with cocoa, ground chocolate and topped with steamed milk delivers a brilliant combination of sweetness.

White Chocolate Mocha

Our signature espresso meets white chocolate sauce and steamed milk, and then is finished off with sweetened whipped cream to create this supreme white chocolate delight.

Hot Teas

Chai Tea Latte

Black tea infused with cinnamon, clove and other warming spices is combined with steamed milk and topped with foam for the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. An iconic chai cup.

Chai Tea

Black tea infused with warm clove, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger notes. A bold, distinctive chai tea.

Hot Teavana™ TeaChamomile Herbal Blend

Chamomile infusion with lemongrass, lemon balm & rose petals.

Mint Citrus Tea

A balanced blend of green tea with notes of lemon verbena, lemongrass & a hint of spearmint.

Mint Herbal Blend

Spearmint, peppermint & a touch of lemon verbena.

Hibiscus Herbal Blend

Bright tropical notes of papaya & mango with hibiscus, lemongrass & a hint of cinnamon.

English Breakfast Tea

Full-bodied black tea with rich, malty undertones.

Emperor’s Clouds & Mist Tea

A single-origin pure green tea with light, toasty-sweet notes.

Earl Grey Tea

A bright blend of black tea, fragrant bergamot and soft lavender.

Youthberry Tea

Sweet pineapple & açaí infusion with a subtle floral finish blended with white tea.

Jasmine Pearls

Green tea with a fragrant jasmine bouquet.

Black Teas

Earl Grey Tea

We take a strong black tea base and add the essence of bergamot, a citrus fruit with subtle lemon and floral lavender notes, to create this aromatically awesome tea flavor.

London Fog Tea Latte

Bright, citrusy spark of Italian bergamot blends with subtle hints of lavender, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk for this frothy reinvention of classic Earl Grey tea.

Royal English Breakfast Tea

Each sip of this beloved morning black tea unfolds to reveal the complexity of the high-grown full leaves. An elegant, time-honored classic that brings a royal nod to every cup.

Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte

A select blend of rich, full-leaf black teas from India and Sri Lanka sweetened with liquid cane sugar and topped with steamed milk and a velvety foam. Each and every sip—smooth and silky

Iced Teavana™ Tea

Iced Black Tea

Delicious Teavana® black tea and ice.

Iced Black Tea and Lemonade

Delicious Teavana® black tea mixed with still lemonade and ice.

Iced Green Tea

Delicious Teavana® green tea and ice.

Iced Green Tea and Lemonade

Delicious Teavana® green tea mixed with still lemonade and ice.

Hibiscus Iced Tea

Delicious Teavana® hibiscus infusion and ice.Iced

Hibiscus Infusion and Lemonade

Delicious Teavana® hibiscus infusion mixed with still lemonade and ice.

Lemon Iced Tea

Freshly brewed green tea, combined with refreshing lemonade and citrus syrup, served over ice. It’s a citrus thirst-quencher, perfect to cool off in the heat of summer.

Peach Iced Tea

This fruity and refreshing iced tea is made with a combination of our peach syrup and freshly brewed green tea, served over ice.


Banana, Raspberry & Blueberry Smoothie 250 ML

Blend of pasteurised apple and blackcurrant juices with banana, raspberry, pear and blueberry purées.

Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie 250 ML

A blend of pasteurised apple and passion fruit juices with mango and banana purées and orange bits.

Kiwi, Pineapple & Lime Smoothie 250 ML

Blend of pasteurised pineapple, apple, grape lime juices with kiwi and banana purées

Frappuccino® Blended Beverages

Caramel Frappuccino®

Coffee blended with caramel syrup, milk and ice. Topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino®

Coffee and white chocolate flavored sauce, blended with milk and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream.

Mocha Frappuccino®

Mocha sauce, Frappuccino® roast coffee, milk and ice all come together for a mocha flavour that’ll leave you wanting more.

Java Chip Frappuccino®

Mocha sauce, Frappuccino® chips combined with coffee and milk, blended with ice, topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle to bring you endless java joy.

Espresso Frappuccino®

Coffee is combined with a shot of espresso and milk, then blended with ice to give you a nice little jolt and lots of sipping joy.

Coffee Frappuccino®

Coffee meets milk and ice in a blender for a rumble and tumble topped with a swirl of whipped cream and together they create one of our original Frappuccino beverages.

Chocolate Coffee Crunch Frappuccino® Blended Beverage

A scrumptious combination of Chocolate Caramel Brittle pieces made from sunflower seeds, blended with milk and ice, and topped with delicious coffee whipped cream and chocolate caramel brittle pieces

Bottled Drinks

Juicy Water

Raspberries & Apples Crushed raspberries blended with apple juice for a crisp, sweet and refreshing recipe.

 ONE Water 750ml

Still Not only is this still water 100% British (bottled in Wales), but 100% of ONE’s profits is donated to fund water projects in Africa

ONE Water 500ml Sparkling

Not only is this sparkling water 100% British (bottled in Wales), but 100% of ONE’s profits is donated to fund water projects in Africa.

ONE Water 500ml

Still Not only is this still water 100% British (bottled in Wales), but 100% of ONE’s profit is donated to fund water projects in Africa.

Coconut Water – 330 ML

This thirst-quenching coconut water is deliciously fresh-tasting and refreshing.

Classic Hot Chocolate

Steamed milk with mocha-flavoured syrup. Topped with whipped cream.


Cinnamon Swirl

Sweet dough with cinnamon filling, sultanas and topped with a cream cheese style icing.

Luxury Fruit Toast

Swap your usual routine for a slice or two of luxury fruit toast. Made with cranberries, raisins and sultanas, it’s toasted to perfection and best enjoyed with butter and jam.

Iced Raspberry Swirl

Our classic swirl with a twist. Swirled with a sweet raspberry filling and topped with icing and toasted almonds.

Blueberry Muffin

A classic Starbucks muffin filled with a smooth blueberry filling.

Lemon Muffin

A lemon flavoured batter filled with a rich lemon curd filling.

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Muffin

Our classic chocolate muffin with a twist, packed with a cheesecake filling, white chocolate chunks and topped with crumbled cookies.

Butter Croissant

Golden pastry with soft, flaky layers and a rich buttery flavourPain au Chocolat
Golden pastry made from free range eggs and butter, with a rich dark chocolate filling.

Chocolate Twist

Twisted butter pastry filled with pastry cream and dark chocolate chips

Choc Chunk Shortbread

A tasty shortbread made using chocolate and sugar.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

All butter cookie loaded with dark belgian chocolate chunks.

Starbucks Bearista Gingerbread Cookie

Our iconic Starbucks bearista: Gingerbread biscuit decorated with icing sugar.

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread

A buttery shortbread base, topped with oozing caramel and a thick layer of milk chocolate drizzled with white chocolate.

Cookies and Cream Brownie

Chocolate brownie with swirls of cheesecake topped with mini cookies.

Triple Chocolate Cookie

All butter cookie with three irresistible Belgian chocolates pieces: dark, milk and white.

Strawberry & White Chocolate Shortbread

Buttery shortbread with white chocolate chunks, strawberry flavour pieces and a touch of black pepper.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie

Fudgy white chocolate and almond blondie with white chocolate, a sharp raspberry jam, decorated with white chocolate and freeze dried raspberries.

Trio of Favourites

All your favourite traybakes in a convenient sharing pack; Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie, Cookies & Cream

Brownie, Chocolate & Caramel Shortbread
Chocolate brownie with swirls of cheesecake topped with mini cookies.
Oat & Raisin Cookie

A lightly spiced cookie with oats and Chilean raisins.

Birthday Cake Cookie

A vanilla cookie with white chocolate chips and topped with icing and sugar pearls.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Smoked Bacon Roll

Hickory smoked back and streaky bacon served in a classic soft roll.

Sausage Sandwich

Pork chipolata sausages served in a classic soft rol

Signature Breakfast Sandwich

Hickory smoked bacon, free-range scrambled egg, Cheddar cheese & our signature tomato relish in a pretzel roll.

Beyond Meat® Breakfast Sandwich (Plant-Based)

A Beyond Meat pea protein patty with our signature tomato relish, tofu turmeric egg alternative and a slice of coconut oil based alternative cheese

Ham and Cheese Croissant

Hickory smoked ham with cheddar cheese in an all butter croissant.

Classic Oatmeal

Classic Oatmeal – made with semi-skimmed milk, single cream and gluten-free steel cut oats.


Five Cheese Toastie

Starbucks® signature cheese topped sourdough filled with 5 cheeses, béchamel sauce and American style mustard

Hickory Ham & Cheese Toastie

Starbucks® signature cheese topped sourdough filled with a Hickory smoked ham, 5 cheeses, béc

Tomato & Mozzarella Panini

Mozzarella & tomatoes with red pesto & basil in a rustic ciabatta roll.

Free Range Egg & Mayo Sandwich

Free range egg with Dijon mustard mayonnaise and cress on a seeded farmhouse bread

BLT Sandwich

Hickory-smoked bacon, sliced plum tomatoes, maple smoky pork, mayonnaise, spinach, rocket and apollo in soft malted bread

Cheese and Marmite™ Panini

Mature Cheddar cheese & Marmite® yeast extract in a ciabatta roll.

Tuna Melt Panini

Tuna, mature cheddar & mozzarella with sweetcorn, spring onion & chives in a rustic ciabatta roll.

Ham & Cheese Panini

Smoked ham & Cheddar, Mozzarella, with Dijon mustard in a rustic ciabatta roll.

Chicken, Mozzarella & Pesto Focaccia

Chicken breast, nut-free pesto, mozzarella, semi dried tomato relish and spinach in a rosemary focaccia.

Chicken Ham & Bacon Club

A single sandwich made with steamed chicken, ham, bacon and mild Cheddar cheese with tomato and lettuce on malted bread.


Spinach & Pea Falafel Wrap (plant based)

Spinach and pea falafel with pickled slaw, caramelised onion houmous and spinach in a tortilla wrap

Chicken & Egg Protein Pot

A layered protein pot made with chicken breast chunks, free range egg, beetroot grains, avocado & edamame crush and spinach.

Fruit & Pots


A pot of sweet and juicy watermelon slices.

Berry Crunch

Greek-style yoghurt with crunchy granola and mixed berry compote


Sweet, ripe bananas are like letting a ray of sunshine into your day

At Home Coffee

Talk To Original The Starbucks Staff

Want to know more about the Original Starbucks? Send their staff a message on social media:

Otherwise, you can find a Original Starbucks location near you by using their store locator or send them a message through their website.

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