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Super Brain Cocktails

Super Brain Cocktails That Boost Your Memory

Super Brain Cocktails That Boost Your Memory


School activities can drain your energy and affect cognitive functions such as memory storage and the ability to learn new things. You may have had a hard time focusing during classes and experienced mental blocks during examinations. Memory problems are very common even at work.

There are many current tips, tricks, and trends to boost your memory. From whole food recipes, yoga, exercises, healing crystals, brain supplements, and meditation techniques. Increasingly popular are the gin cocktails recipes taught by master bartenders to help you address memory dysfunctions. Not only can you enrich your brain, but enjoy your self-care time as well.

As a student, surely you understand how hard it is to remember stuff sometimes, especially stuff you’ve read before, or stuff you’ve been taught in class or somewhere. To enhance your brain’s function and retentive ability, there are a number of things you can do. In particular, there are some drinks or cocktails (sometimes referred to as miracle drinks) that can help you boost your memory. 

These drinks are known as miracle drinks because they have been proven to improve cognitive functions, and they have some other neuroprotective features. These cocktails can help you complete all of your assignments so you don’t have to deal with unreliable services writing like Here are 5 of these amazing drinks you can get at a store, even whip up yourself.




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1. Orange juice

There’s a reason why you’re always encouraged to drink orange juice, and it’s not just because it tastes good. Orange juice is loaded with vitamin C, and vitamin C is known to improve brain power. When you take a cup of orange juice (about 240ml), you are provided with 93% of the vitamin C your body needs for the day.

Some other benefits of orange juice are improved memory, better attention, and according to human studies, better language scores. Squeeze yourself a fresh cup of orange juice, and your brain will thank you.

2. Green smoothies

I know you’re probably thinking along the lines of “gross”, and “I would never drink that”, but hear me out here. Green smoothies are as natural and organic as they are heavily loaded with the kind of vitamins your brain needs. It is predominantly rich in vitamin C (which comes from the different ingredients that go into your smoothie), and as we know, vitamin C is extremely helpful to the brain.

You can choose to get store-bought green smoothies, or you can choose to make them yourself. To make them yourself, you’d need:

  • Some kale
  • Half an avocado
  • A cup of Greek yoghurt
  • Half a cup of milk
  • A banana
  • Some ice

Prepare everything (wash the kale, peel the banana and avocado), and blend them until they are smooth. If you end up with a light smoothie and you want it thicker, you can add more avocado or bananas, and if it’s too thick, you can lighten it up with milk.

It might not taste like sunshine and rainbows, but it’ll taste creamy enough, and give your brain all the antioxidants and vitamin C it needs to perform better. In the meantime, you can check homework help websites for assistance to avoid burnout. 

3. Adaptogen lattes

The name “adaptogen” implies that this type of latte (because of its ingredients) will help your body overcome stress, or better, adapt to stress, and so, keep you functioning perfectly. These drinks are sometimes tricky to put together, but with the promise of better brain function and having an improved memory, I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it. The main ingredients are winter cherries, dried mushrooms or maca root, and they are blended or incorporated into a normal latte.

The best way to get the ingredients is to buy them already pre-made or previously prepared, so all you have to do is incorporate the mix into your latte, and feed your brain the nutrients it needs.

4. Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is famed as one of the most potent drinks to prepare and rely on when it comes to improving brain function. It is a powerhouse of brain-boosting ability, containing a lot of nitrates. Now nitrates are the materials which are used to create nitric oxide, a substance which the body absolutely needs for its cellular functions.

The nitrates in beetroot are so powerful that they actually aid several of the brain’s functions such as memory, learning, complex decision making, speech or language, and so on. This drink is a really tasty way to provide your brain with nitrates, so you can prepare it from scratch (wash the beet thoroughly, blend and enjoy), get already-prepared beetroot juice from stores, or you could get beetroot powder from stores, mix with water, and drink.

Either way you choose to prepare it, it will also improve blood flow to the brain, helping it better retain information, as well as recall the information it has retained when needed.

5. Berry juice

Berries are nature’s little packets of energy, vitamins, nourishments, and almost every type of minerals the body needs. Berry juice is made by mixing several choice berries together, and blending them into smoothie consistency. It could be thick, or thin, depending on what you want, and you can choose exactly what type of berries should go into your berry smoothie.

Berry juices are packed full with vitamin C (which has already been established previously as great for improving memory),

You can choose from a variety of berries, both local and exotic (but make sure they’re edible first), some of the ones you can trust are:

  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Acai berries
  • Blackberries

They are rich in antioxidants, and help to keep the brain cells from being damaged. The juice tastes great, so stock up on either fresh berries or frozen berries, the choice is yours.

Try To Incorporate These Too

While drinking your chosen super brain cocktails, you may also incorporate these to boost your memory further.

Meditation can help you clear your thoughts. Studying can make you feel anxious and depressed; you can place yourself in a peaceful corner of your room and meditate. Take out all distractions such as gadgets and reflect on yourself.

Journaling will let you take note of your deadlines, class or examination schedule, bill dues, important tasks, and even lecture notes. Mind exhaustion can’t be avoided at times, so this will help you track your to-dos and tasks to be done.

Nootropics are brain supplements that help stimulate the brain and enhance cognitive functions, especially memory, attention, motivation, and creativity.

Yoga is a combination of physical activity and deep breathing exercises. When you move your body, the brain’s dopamine level increases, it’s linked memory, motivation, and attention. Deep breathing exercises give your brain a fresh oxygen supply needed by your neurons for cognitive function.


Science has proven that these drinks are some of the best ways to boost your memory and overall brain ability. Taking a cup or two of any of these drinks regularly will help you condition your brain into always acting at full capacity, and soon, you’ll be able to memorize things better, and school will be a breeze.

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