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food recipe apps

The Best Apps For Cooking At Home

food recipe apps

food recipe apps

You are undoubtedly sick of eating canned meals and instant noodles because many eateries and fast-food franchises are still shut down. But, on the other hand, nothing has been easier than eating breakfast from a local café and delivering an excellent pizza after a full day of lectures just before the COVID-19 scenario. So it becomes more vital than ever to consume good, nutritious meals, and you probably have more leisure time than ever to master this crucial life mastery. These amazing culinary apps, all accessible on IOS and the Play Store, will help you cook just like a master from the comfort of your own home.

Why might someone need cooking apps?

With the assistance of technology, preparing food has never been simpler. Newbies and pros alike may make more time in the cooking faster than ever before with the aid of apps. Dozens of recipes, directions, and listings are available in the hands of users, all of which can be obtained with a single click.

It might not be easy to select the most exemplary applications for you from the many available. It is much more difficult to locate free programs which are of high quality or simple to use. The applications listed below are not only free recipe apps, but they also have great user ratings and are simple to have when things are getting a bit chaotic in the kitchen.




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However, it is essential to take care of data security when downloading new applications. This function can be performed flawlessly by a VPN addon such as VeePN, which allows double data encryption with any software, including culinary apps. You can install a VPN on any of your devices to ensure data privacy.


1. Allrecipes dinner spinner

Dinner Spinner features over 50,000 ideas to pick from, which are all simple to prepare and implement. Users may seek the types of meals they want to eat, as well as brands they know and trust.

It also features a tool that displays users what items are on discount in their neighborhood or what they can cook with them. The app is available for Apple, Android, and kindles!


2. BigOven

The company BigOven describes itself as its own "recipe organizer." BigOven made it easy for android & Ios users to locate recipes they have tried, enjoyed, or look forward to trying in the future, including over 500,000 dishes to select from. In addition, users may look for culinary genres, ingredients, and preferences, among other things.

BigOven also features a category titled "Use up Leftovers," in which it proposes dishes depending on three components the customer currently has at hand! Everyone's jaws will be watering after trying each recipe.


3. Kitchen stories

If recipes are carefully broken and taught throughout the process, Kitchen Stories illustrates that everyone can cook. Every recipe includes a step-by-step pictorial instruction for android & Ios users to see how their food appears compared to the applications.

Those who have attempted a recipe can provide their individual story or criticism in the message box, visible to other prospective customers. Every recipe icon indicates how long it will take the dinner or how many people are trying and enjoying it. In addition, there are a number of food and diet-related articles to peruse.


4.  Cookpad

Cookpad is simple and enjoyable to use since users would not only read recipes but then also post theirs that other people might find interesting. Thus, users will feel as though they are watching the show Chef's Table!

Cooking becomes a personable and sharing experience thanks to the application. Users may share photos of their dishes from recipes they have tried and enjoyed, inspiring others to do the same thing. In addition, users may browse for recipes depending on their desired diet, much like most other applications on our list.

cooking food

cooking food

5. Mealime meal plans and recipes

For iOS & Android owners, Mealime simplifies things easily in the kitchen. For example, every recipe specifies the amount of time it will take and includes a grocery list such that customers know what to buy at the market. But the application is more than simply a recipe collection; it also is a meal-planning tool.

Over 600 adjustments are available, covering allergies, limits, likes, preferences, and the number of people the meal should feed. After users choose a meal (or a recipe), a list is generated, allowing them to cross off from what they currently own or have purchased. It is suitable for both foodies and novice cooks.


6. Food Network Kitchen

Food Network Kitchen, their application, will be reassuring to individuals who enjoy viewing the Cooking Shows. The app contains recipes created by Culinary Network celebrities as well as food experts. In addition, preparation time, cook time, a complexity rating, and the number of servings are all listed for each dish.

It allows it to be exceedingly simple for consumers to choose which recipes are worthwhile. There have been over 80,000 ideas to pick from, including grill, bake, kid-friendly, or dairy-free options available to android and IOS users.



There are a lot of cooking apps out there nowadays. However, the top ones include tried-and-true recipes, easy-to-use interfaces, and really useful features like built-in clocks, meal planning instructions, and video demonstrations. The apps stated above are among them, so why not download them today and enjoy your meals in a new way?



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