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inspecting dishwasher

The Ultimate Commercial Dishwasher Guide: Essential Kinds And The Top 10 Best Commercial Dishwashers

inspecting dishwasher

inspecting dishwasher

Having the right commercial dishwasher can make or break your business. If you want to serve your customers well, you need to have an outstanding commercial dishwasher. Do you know factors that you should consider when buying one? Do you know the reliable brands in the market?

This post is perfect for you if you?re on the lookout for a commercial dishwasher or you?re planning to replace ones that you already have. Choosing the perfect one will allow your business to flourish and allow you to massively save on business costs.

Do you know what a commercial dishwasher is?

A commercial dishwasher is very different from a regular dishwasher that you have at home. The difference is not in the size but the speed.




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Commercial dishwashers have turbo fast wash cycles and require shorter drying times. Outstanding dishwashers can finish one load in just a minute. Compared to standard dishwashers that need at least half an hour to process, a one-minute speed is of a high-grade industrial level. This is why regular dishwashers will never be an option for businesses.

You need to know essential commercial dishwasher concepts if you want to pick the best one for your business. You should choose a top-caliber commercial dishwasher with high quality that perfectly meets your business needs.


Do you know the different kinds of commercial dishwashers?

To pick the right machine for your business, you need to know the four main kinds of commercial dishwashers and they are as follows:

  1. Under-counter ? fits under a counter and ideal for small restaurants and coffee shops.
  2. Glasswasher - has gentle water flow perfect for glassware.
  3. Door type ? huge commercial dishwasher that processes large loads in just a minute.
  4. Conveyor type ? biggest kind of dishwasher that can process large loads at speeds faster than door type commercial dishwashers.


Do you know the important features that you should look for when buying a commercial dishwasher?

You should consider the following factors if you?re looking for a commercial dishwasher:

  1. Size ? know the space that you can dedicate to a commercial dishwasher. Consider your kitchen?s workflow.
  2. Ease of Use ? you should pick one that is easy to install, use, and maintain.
  3. Temperature ? you should pick one that satisfies the health and sanitation requirements of your state.
  4. Noise - today?s commercial dishwashers for sale tend to be noisy. This is an attribute that business owners only get to consider belatedly. Choose one that is quiet if you have a small space. You won?t want people to hear your commercial dishwasher while they?re eating.
kitchen dishwasher

kitchen dishwasher

Top 10 Best Commercial Dishwasher Brands

If you want the best possible commercial dishwasher for your business, you should choose among the following brands that are most preferred by businesses and establishments all over the world:


1. Fagor

Fagor is a well-known brand in the commercial dishwashing industry. Their dishwashers are of a smaller size and are very easy to use.


2. Jackson

Jackson is another popular commercial dishwasher brand in the industry. Their commercial dishwashers have the reputation of being fast, reliable, and long-lasting. They?re also known for offering good customer service. They offer service repairs to customers.


3. CMA Dishmachines

CMA Dishmachine offers massive commercial dishwashers of all kinds. Their products are known for being sturdy and extremely fast. Large businesses and establishments like hotels, resorts, and hospitals prefer CMA Dishmachines commercial dishwashers.


4. Jet-Tech

Jet-Tech commercial dishwashers are known for having strong water pressure. Their commercial dishwashers are perfect for cleaning dirty pans and pots. All Jet-Tech commercial dishwashers are also known to be long-lasting and sturdy. A major con is the fact that some people think that Jet-Tech commercial dishwashers are difficult to use.


5. Miele

Miele commercial dishwashers are expensive as it is a top of the line brand. It is an extremely popular brand that is known for being speedy, efficient, and quiet. If you?re looking for a quiet commercial dishwasher, you should consider Miele models. Take note though that you may need to spend more.


6. Champion

Champion is a good brand that makes commercial dishwashers of all sizes. All their machines are user-friendly and efficient. Though their products may not be as expensive as Miele machines, you would also need to spend more if you?d opt for a Champion commercial dishwasher.


7. Electrolux

Electrolux makes high-quality and reliable world-class machines. Being the second-largest appliance company, users all over the world know that their machines perform outstandingly. They have technologically advanced machines that can be digitally set up for specialized washing and sanitizing.


8. Moyer Diebel

Moyer Diebel is a good brand that offers a one-year warranty on both machine parts and labor. Users also have the liberty to choose accessories and tools for customized operation. They are soundly priced and on the affordable end of the spectrum. You will need to buy other parts though like hoses, racks, and connectors.


9. Hobart

Hobart is a 100-year-old company that specializes in producing high-grade machines for the food industry. They offer stellar commercial dishwashers that last for a long time. If you?d opt for a Hobart commercial dishwasher, you may need to spend more if your want additional features.


10. Bosch

Bosch offers affordable commercial dishwashers that are compact and quiet. Their models are perfect for business owners that want quiet commercial dishwashers but are on a budget. You need to be aware though that some of its models can have handles made of plastic. Such a design can easily break.



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