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burger packed delivery

7 Ways To Get More Restaurant Delivery Orders

burger packed delivery

burger packed delivery

Many people opt for food delivery nowadays. It offers more convenience, especially to those who live far from the restaurant or are busy with their work. If you do not have a delivery service yet in your restaurant, it?s time that you start offering it. However, if you already have one in place, there are ways to make it better to get more orders.

1. Ensure you have enough supplies

Whether dining-in or ordering for delivery, nothing is more frustrating and disappointing than knowing that the food you are craving is not available. You do not want your customers to experience that, so you need to make sure that you have enough supplies to serve their orders. Do a regular inventory, so you never run out. Find reputable ingredient suppliers that deliver affordable and quality ingredients on time.





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2. Provide excellent customer service

Train your staff on how to properly communicate and take the order of the customers. They must be courteous and attentive. Respond promptly to their orders and concerns to ensure their satisfaction. Besides eating delicious food, the timeliness of the delivery and how well the staff served them impact the overall customer service experience. If they are satisfied, they are more likely to become repeat customers. Plus, they will recommend you to other people.


3. Make your contact details easy to find

If customers want to order from your restaurant but don?t know your number, the first thing that they would do is search for it online. Make sure that your website shows your contact details right away. Do the same with your accounts on other platforms, like Facebook. If you offer online ordering, make it visible on your site too, so customers will not miss it.


4. Ensure your site is responsive

A responsive website displays properly on any device. Whether customers access it on their computer, mobile device, or tablet, they will not have problems viewing it. If the site is non-responsive, it will not appear correctly on mobile devices, so users may leave before finding what they are looking for. A lot of people use their mobile devices for ordering and for finding information on the web. You miss the chance of getting orders from these users if they cannot access your site on their mobile devices.


5. Use call to action

Customers are drawn to do something when asked to do it, so a call to action is vital. Use this on your website or your advertisements. Some examples are ?call now? or ?order now?.


6. Partner with food delivery services

Various food delivery services offer delivery for different restaurants. Instead of ordering directly from the restaurants, some customers use these services instead. Some sites or applications have a list of restaurants where they can order. Find out interesting article on Food Delivery Services using drone!


7. Offer exciting promos

Promos are always a great way to attract more customers. Give discounts if their order reaches a certain amount, or give them a voucher or promo code that they can use for their next order.

Consider these tips to increase your orders for delivery. Maintain the quality of your foods too so that customers will remain loyal to you.



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