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What A Student Needs To Succeed In His Studies



Almost every university applicant, standing on the threshold of college, vows in his heart to study well.

Well, at least make every effort to do so. Does it always come true? We all know that no, alas, not always: there are always some insurmountable, in his opinion, obstacles on his way. Moreover, what does a student need to be successful in his studies?

Again, in the first place the trivial financial issue. As always, the "legs" grow from here. And, if funds for the purchase of ordinary writing materials are always there, then to buy the necessary paper help or printed materials or, for example, the necessary electronic media, sometimes lack of funds does not allow.




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Of course, Google today is able to replace many of the required books. However, here lies another "pitfall": well, what a successful study, if the money is not enough not only to buy a PC or laptop, but even the banal payment of Internet services! In addition, on the phone with the function WI-FI (which, incidentally, also not everyone has) and the access zone available you cannot go far.

If we consider higher matter, the success of the student is influenced by:

Academic motivation. A successful student knows what he or she is studying for. He knows how to set goals and tries to achieve them;

Level of intellect. It is inherent in nature, so to speak... There is nothing you can do about it;

Self-esteem. The higher it is, the stronger will be the aspirations, the more persistent will be the persistence. Moreover, with these two qualities a successful finish in university is assured!

Creativity. This refers to the student's ability to independently develop new ways of acquiring and consolidating knowledge.

The golden rule of success is an outline! Everyone has his own approach to its management. Having mastered this subtlety perfectly, a smart student is sure to use it on occasion for his own benefit. A competent outline can be called a student's treasure.

Successful student learning is impossible without providing a relaxed environment. You have to be a hero to prepare for exams and pass them with excellence in the dormitory. Although, of course, such people are found, honor and praise to them!

The success of training affects many factors. The main thing is to want and strive, and the rest will come with it.

There are times when you need to learn information in a very short period.

It is possible to do this, but only if you focus completely on the subject you are studying.

Start learning as early as possible. Preferably in the early morning. At this time, the body is rested, and the head is not yet filled with different thoughts, problems and things, so the information will be remembered much faster and easier.

Learn in descending order. First, break down the most difficult and incomprehensible material, and then move on to easier ones. At the very least, they can be alternated.

Get into the essence of the lecture. The more information you remember, the more you understand it. Do not waste time, which you already have little, on memorizing all the information. Just read the material carefully, trying to understand what it is all about, and memorize the main points. After that, you can easily answer any question about the subject, even remotely. Moreover, make any independent conclusions, which will reveal the completeness of your knowledge as much as possible.

Concentrate on the lecture you are studying. Turn off the computer and the sound on your phone, and do not be distracted by extraneous matters, no matter how tempting they may be. Every two hours, rest for 15-30 minutes. During this time, relax as much as possible and let your headrest. The best way to do this is during a walk in the fresh air.

Retell the material you have read. After studying one topic, tell about it to yourself, without peeking at the lecture. Try to remember everything you can. Afterwards, look in your notebook and find the missing points. In addition, saying your answer aloud will help you feel more confident in front of the teacher and save your speech from stuttering and unnecessary parasitic words.

Make a brief outline of each topic from memory, from which you will be guided in the disclosure of the material. Moreover, by no means waste your time writing cheat sheets that you might not get a chance to use.



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