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Bitpapa Best Platform For Crypto Transactions

Bitpapa is one of the best P2P marketplaces where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This Bitpapa will guarantee their customers for the trade execution by holding the seller’s coin. Bitpapa is the registered website to make transactions in the crypto market. This crypto P2P has the option to store the cryptocurrencies within it. This bitpapa platform also provides a facility that gets zero percent commission for transfers. Where can i buy bitcoin in nigeria is simple and safe now. They don’t need to use a third-party application to do the transactions for crypto coins. We also make transfers for NGN currency for Bitcoins without any issues.


Bitpapa Website

The official website of Bitpapa has a unique design with a clear and simple interface. This website supports the languages like English and Russian. To register this Bitpapa, the user has to enter into the official website They use this link, and the user can log in to the registered account and start doing transactions. Because of its simple interface, it can easily understand by beginners. This website also allows people to exchange crypto coins for fiat money. The detail about the bitpapa is presented widely on social networks, indicating users.





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How it works

The bitpapa is the P2P platform with the escrow account holding the party’s transferred coins. This step is to prevent fraudulent activities happen during transaction time. This platform helps to make the fastest transaction method to sell, buy and store bitcoin and other crypto coins. To make it easy, Bitpapa has introduced a mobile application for all operating systems. This Bitpapa application supports android, ios and others. By this, a person can make trade anywhere and anytime when they need. Bitpapa is the most straightforward way to buy bitcoins in Nigeria. They also provide the best service regarding the selling and buying activities.


Benefits of bitpapa

Many benefits are available in using the bitpapa services for the crypto transaction. Let’s discuss some benefits by explaining how the Bitpapa is best.

  • This bitpapa provides the best customer service 24/7 to their customers. The customers can ask queries about bitpapa anytime through live chat and email.
  • There is no chance of fraudulent activities happening in Bitpapa. This platform provides a safe and secure transaction facility for its customers.
  • This bitpapa provides wallet features on the mobile version. This bitpapa is supported by both operating systems like android and ios devices.
  • It provides the best services with less commission for selling and buying crypto coins. The involvement of the third-party application is entirely restricted.
  • Each transaction carryout by the escrow account is safer to use.
  • Submitting the important information for transaction purposes is not needed.
  • It will not reveal the identity of the users of the bitpapa; it will also collect information about the individual for transactions.


Sign up process

To register in the Bitpapa service, the person must sign up. For that, enter the official website in the search box on the browser. After opening the official, click the tab sign up. This page will show you the options for registering your account. You can register the account using telegram or enter the email address and password and click the sign-up button. A verification email will send to your mail address. Click on the link to verify your account. Now you can start using your bitpapa account safe and secure. To register and Buy bitcoins in Nigeria. This link is primarily for Nigerian people to use the bitcoin services.


Buying and selling

The primary purpose of the bitpapa is to make trading the crypto coins in the crypto market. This option helps bitcoin users to buy and sell the coins by using the P2P platform with a safe and secure process. In this, the transaction will happen in a few minutes, but it needs the approval of both buyer and seller of coins. The coins can buy using fiat money that mostly flows in the crypto market.


Storing crypto coins

During the transactions, the coins will store in the blockchains to avoid hacking the crypto account. The usage of the blockchain will not allow hackers to hack the account quickly. These blockchains use different platforms for every second to store the coins. So there is no chance of losing your crypto coins in the bitcoin. Buying bitcoins in Nigeria and storing them using this blockchain platform is more secure than other third-party applications. The selling of bitcoins can directly do with the buyers of the coins in bitpapa.


Customer service in Bitpapa

The customer care service is providing its best to satisfy its customers in cryptocurrency. This service is available from twenty-four by seven, so the users can reach customer care anytime from anywhere. The supporting team will help to do transactions using the bitpapa application or website without any issues. If the user lost the login credentials, the customer support team would help retrieve the information. This customer service is free of cost for all types of services provided to the customer.


Trustworthy of bitpapa

Bitpapa is the trusted site for bitcoin transactions. The users of the bitpapa give a good rating for its service. It has a two-step verification process to secure the identity of the user. This blockchain creates more difficulty for the hackers who try to hack the crypto account. The Nigerian people trust this bitpapa to buy bitcoins in Nigeria.


Social network

Bitpapa is entering all social networks to communicate with its users. The updates and important announcements will announce using the social network. Bitpapa also introduces the telegram bot to solve customer queries, and customer support through Facebook is also available. This page also helps to know about the crypto market’s peer-to-peer secure transactions.



The bitpapa platform provides the best services all over the world. The users of this platform feel more satisfied by using this. The technical support provides their best of providing all type of services that relates to the bitcoin and crypto coins.



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