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The Magic Moments Of A Luxury Yacht Cruise Over The Croatian Islands And Coast

Deciding to go on a holiday is never a bad idea. The modern lifestyle leaves us with very little free time, so every time you get a chance, you should use it to travel and explore. One of the best destinations you can visit is the beautiful and enchanting Croatia. The charming coast of the Adriatic Sea, together with the numerous islands Croatia is famous for, is just the perfect opportunity for you to rent a luxury yacht and embark on a momentous cruise. Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, and so many more towns and islands are waiting for you to explore them and enjoy the breathtaking nature, cuisine, warm weather, and crystal blue waters. Here is just a little insight into what awaits you when you start sailing in this magnificent part of the Mediterranean.

croatian island

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Start in Dubrovnik

Prepare yourself for some truly magic moments while you sail from Dubrovnik to, for example, Split. The first city is worldwide famous and a favorite vacation spot for many celebrities. No wonder, as admiring and walking along the historic Old Town, with its stone walls, offers a unique experience to any tourist. Many fans of the popular “Game of Thrones” will be thrilled to go on a tour that takes you to some of the most interesting places that were used for the filming of the show, but even if you haven’t seen the show, you can still enjoy exploring and learning about this city with long and vivid history. Once you decide to take a break and return to your yacht, you can take a dip in the stunningly blue sea and later perhaps go to dinner in some of the amazing restaurants in the city center and have a walk along Stradun. As for anchoring your yacht, smaller yachts can use the ACI Marina Komolac, while larger ones usually stay at the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik.

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Go to Korčula

You haven’t sailed in Croatia if you haven’t explored at least a few of its gorgeous islands. One of them is certainly Korčula, famous for its forests, vineyards, and sandy beaches. Many people decide to come to this island, put their anchor down, and enjoy a few days on the sea. Luckily, this is not a problem for anyone as you can easily find a luxury yacht charter in Croatia and enjoy sunbathing and swimming along the coasts of Korčula before you depart to yet another beautiful Croatian island. Once you decide to take a walk along the streets of the town of Korčula, you will enjoy its picturesque architecture, summer fairs, and some of the best restaurants in the world. Delicious sweets and wine are something you must try, together with visiting the birth house of the famous Marco Polo, as this island is allegedly considered to be his birthplace.


A tour of Split and Pakleni Islands

Many people decide to start their trip in Dubrovnik and make a break and stay for a few days in Split. This comes as no surprise, considering that Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and offers a lot to all visitors. From the historical Diocletian fortress and palace, to the Marjan Park which will be a treat to enjoy for any nature lover, to its Bačvice beach and marvelous Riva, Split is truly a pearl of its own. For all the party lovers, Split hosts every year the famous Ultra Music Festival. Once you have had enough party time, you can set your sail up and head to the Pakleni Islands, to enjoy its nature, beauty, and peacefulness. The secluded beaches and bays are simply ideal for relaxation and soaking up the sun and the fresh air.

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Hop to Hvar

One of the perks of charting a luxurious yacht is that you can easily get from the Pakleni Islands to the nearby island of Hvar. This is actually a popular island for many enjoyers of luxurious yachts, as numerous visitors decide to anchor in a marina and spend the day on the deck, drinking coffee or wine and admiring the surroundings this heavenly place has to offer. When you do decide to visit the town of Hvar, you can rent a bike and visit different museums, shops, restaurants, and take a break to find out more about Fortica or Hvar’s Spanish Fortress, as it is sometimes called. There is something for everyone here, for those who love partying, those who prefer good cuisine and wine, for history and nature lovers, etc., so this is definitely a place you should visit during your cruise.

To conclude, exploring the Croatian coast and islands on a lovely yacht should be the plan for your next holiday. The divine beauty this part of Europe has to offer will provide you with some of the best experiences you ever had, and the thrill of chartering a luxurious yacht will show you that this is truly the best way of vacationing.



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