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Exciting Cooking Tips That You Definitely Need To Know

It’s so much easier to get takeaways, right? 

All you need to do is get to the restaurant, order your food, get it, and take it home. It’s even more convenient if you’re getting home delivery. 

But that’s the thing, with convenience comes expenses, and if you’re really fed up with spending too much on ordering and takeaways, then why not cook at home?

Now you may say ‘I don’t want to cook at home, it takes a lot of time and I don’t even know how to cook right’. Well, don’t stress because none of us are born cooks and don’t plan on becoming chefs too.




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But that doesn’t mean you should give up on cooking. After all, there comes a time when you have to do something with the things you have at home. And for those time, we’re sharing some amazing cooking tips that you should keep handy. So, let’s get started:

cooking food

Following the Recipe

Well, that’s obvious but what we’re trying to say is beginning with the right recipe is the key to making good food at home. Instead of making restaurant-standard food, you should focus on making the ones that can easily be made at home.

That means you don’t have to accumulate too many ingredients for making a fancy dish. You can easily find several food channels on YouTube that make simple foods from simple recipes that even a novice cook can make.

Just make sure you’re following the recipe and the methods illustrated by the chef in the video and your dish will definitely turn out what it’s supposed to be. Oh, and make sure you’re streaming on a stable internet so you don’t have to wait for the buffering to end when making something.

For that, we recommend checking plans from Xfinity or contacting Xfinity phone number to get one instantly. After all, it’s with small steps that you start walking and then running.


Getting a Food Scale

If you’re not sure how much of an ingredient you need to add, then it’s about time you get a food scale or a portion calculator. You can easily find these in the market that will help you calculate the right portion size and save ingredients on the way.

Also, keeping the right portion size is quite important for some recipes. Even the chefs that you’ll be following for recipes will recommend sticking to the right portion for the recipe. So, if you’re serious about cooking and want to make something that intrigued you from the recipes, then get a food scale.


Get Kitchen Shears

This might sound quirky, but you should get kitchen shears if you’re not good with knives. Instead of cutting your ingredients irregularly or even your fingers with them, get kitchen shears and rest easy.

Not only do these save your fingers from accidental cuts, but they also help cut ingredients in the right way, saving time and minimizing wastage. Moreover, the quicker you’re able to cut the ingredients, the faster you’ll be able to get things done. So why not?


Stick to One-Pan Meals

Well, doing the dishes is perhaps the biggest nightmare for anyone in the kitchen or even outside the kitchen. And we know for sure that it’s one of the reasons why you don’t prefer cooking at home because after all the hard work, who’s going to clean the mess?

Well, that’s why it’s recommended that you stick to one-pan meals. Meaning, you should pick the recipes that can be cooked using one pan or pot. These usually involve putting all the ingredients in one utensil, saving you the time to prepare ingredients in multiple utensils as well as cleaning them later.

Plus, these meals are easier to cook since all ingredients are placed in a single pot, creating one dish. So, if you’re looking forward to cleaning fewer dishes, then try this hack.


Avoid Overcrowding Your Pans

Yes, one-pan dishes are great; however, they come with a risk if not done right, and they take too much time to cook. If you’re putting all ingredients in the pan, leaving little to no space for them to stir, then be ready for hours-long cooking.

Ingredients such as water-rich vegetables give off steam when cooked. When placed together, the steam will make other veggies soggy instead of crispy. Plus, they also take time to cook when placed together.

So, instead of piling everything in your pan, make sure you’re putting in the right amount. Or, you can use a bigger pan or a pot if you’re preparing for more people or even multiple dinners for yourself.


Closing Thoughts

Well, the list can go on, but for now, you should keep these tips handy in your cookbook. So, let’s avoid ordering for now, and get in your chef’s mood because it’s time to get cooking! 



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