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The Ultimate Guide To London’s Finest Restaurants And Coffee Shops for First Dates

Are you planning a special date? You can impress your date by taking them out for dinner.

It may seem simple. However, while mini golf and gallery tours are great for social outings, there is no better way to spice up your romance than by winning and dining with your significant other. Fine dining establishments are a popular choice for date night.

The venue where you take your companion can make or break the day. You’ll end up eating all the pizza yourself if you take your companion to Domino’s.

You can take them to some of the best restaurants in the city, and they will be happy to eat at your table. We’ve searched the city for romantic spots and stunning scenery to impress your partner the next time they go out. These are the top romantic restaurants in London, in no particular order.




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couple date restaurant

The Best Restaurants for First Dates in London

  1. The Mitre – Pub in Richmond

Richmond’s The Mitre is a classic English pub located in the heart of the historic town. The pub dates back to the 18th century and has been serving locals and visitors alike for centuries. The Mitre is best known for its excellent food and drinks, and its welcoming atmosphere. The pub has a cozy fireplaces for chilly evenings, and a large beer garden for sunny days. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or just a pint of ale, the Mitre is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot a celebrity or two – the pub is popular with actors and musicians who often visit Richmond to perform at the nearby Theatre Royal. So next time you’re in town, be sure to stop by the Mitre for a true taste of English culture.


  1. The Ivy Soho Brasserie Restaurant

The Blake Room, hidden away behind the main restaurant, is a world away from the bustling Soho.

The bar features an antique brass and pale orange Onyx bar, as well as fabric paneling and elegant antique mirrors. A custom-made art deco screen, which is made of glass, divides the main restaurant from the interior while still allowing natural light to enter the space.

It can hold up to 60 people standing and can accommodate 24 at a long table of 10 or 40 at a round table of 10. Their private dining room can accommodate up to 60 people standing. It can seat 24 guests at one long table or 40 at round tables of 10.


  1. Pix Bar

Enjoy their small Basque tapas and the friendly, energetic atmosphere at some of London’s most famous places.

You’ll love the constantly changing selection of pintxos, hand-picked Spanish wines, and tasty cocktails.

You’ll find that the food and drinks are made with passion and originality. However, the way they are served creates a relaxed, free-flowing environment that will make you feel rejuvenated on all levels.


  1. CasaCosta

Hidden behind the CASA COSA shop is a speakeasy restaurant that offers an interesting menu featuring the best Italian home cooking with the finest ingredients.

The restaurant was designed to look like a secret location, retrieved from the cellars.

The restaurant’s close and intimate relationship with the shop that houses it inspired the gastronomic menu. All the dishes are made from grocery-store delights and are all Italian. They tell the story of Italy’s uniqueness as a biodiverse nation.

Our speakeasy restaurant will be revolutionized by the combination of live music and a delicious culinary selection. Every week, the menu will change.


  1. Tia Maria Bar and Kitchen – Vauxhall

Tia Maria offers the best Brazilian food and the hottest music from “pais do futebol”.

This is thanks to their wide menu, which caters to every taste. Come in for a drink and dinner or a night of dancing. We’re sure you will enjoy your meal.


  1. Mercato (Mayfair and Elephant & Castle)

After opening its doors in 2016, they claim to be London’s first sustainable community market. They built and expanded an underground area on a former paper factory site. This is a lively location that allows everyone to come together and have a great time.

They pride themselves on offering a wide variety of healthy, natural, and accessible foods and drinks.


  1. Press Coffee – Central London Locations

If you’re in need of a caffeine fix, there’s no better place to go than Press Coffee on Fleet Street. This popular coffee shop has been serving up freshly brewed coffee and mouth-watering pastries since 2015. The team at Press take great pride in their work, and it shows in the quality of their coffee.

The baristas are always happy to chat with customers and make recommendations, so don’t hesitate to ask for guidance if you’re unsure what to order. Whether you’re grabbing a quick cup to go or staying for a leisurely catch-up with friends, Press Coffee is the perfect spot for anyone who loves good coffee.


Plan Your Incredible First Date Now!

It can be hard to keep the romance alive in the face of so many modern temptations, especially with all the new crime documentaries on Netflix.

It’s tempting to scroll through Instagram before you go to bed.

Although 21st century romance can be difficult, that’s where date night, an old lovey-dovey tradition, comes in. You can dress up, but you must not talk about the recycling bin until after you have finished your main meal at one of these amazing eateries.

You can also find a date on Bloc to find a place nearby if you don’t have one yet.



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