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Where To Bring Your Partner On A First Date

Everybody knows that the most difficult date to plan is the first date. 

Do you invite your date for something simple like a drink or a coffee? Should you opt for something out of the box? 

couple first date dog

Well, it does not matter what you choose. You want to ensure that your first date will go well. As much as possible, you want to guarantee your partner will agree to a second date. 




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So, where should you bring your partner on a first date? Here are several things you should consider.


Picnic In The Park

There’s nothing more ideal than a picnic in the park. This is particularly true if the weather is nice. You can simply pick up wine, some crackers, cheese, and fruits and you’re good to go.

Of course, dinner in an expensive restaurant is great for a first date. However, a picnic in the park is more thoughtful.

When going on a picnic, make sure you store your food inside high-quality paper carry out containers to keep your food safe and fresh.


Escape Room

escape room

For those who don’t know, an escape room is a type of game in which people get together to utilize clues and solve different puzzles.

Escape rooms are a trend today. Thus, they make an excellent first date activity. It’s also a surefire way for you to get to know your partner easily.

The reason for this is that you will have to use teamwork to win the game. The task at hand will keep you and your date busy without any awkward breaks.


Amusement Park Or Carnival

A pop-up carnival or an amusement park is an ideal summer date. It does not matter how old you are. 

Having food stalls, games, and rides at your disposal will help break the ice and fill in any gaps during your conversations. 


Bowling Or Mini-Golf

mini golf

If you want to avoid awkward pauses, you should consider doing activities together. In addition to that, doing these activities will also help you see the competitive side of your date.

A mini-golf or bowling is good since it gets the adrenaline of your date pumping. However, you also want to have a bit of downtime where you and your date can talk. 

Thus, you should not focus too hard on winning. Keep in mind to evaluate the personality of your date along with their sportsmanship.


Watch People At The Park

It’s fun to watch other people. However, it can also be an excellent test. You will see how your partner talks about other individuals. 

Perhaps your date is a straight-up bully or a funny commentator. It will help you determine what your partner is judgmental about.

In addition to that, watching other individuals automatically offers you a jumping-off point for conversation. 

On the other hand, sitting across from each other at a restaurant can often result in awkward silences when you don’t have any topics to talk about. 

When going to the park, it’s also the best time to give your date a gift to show that you appreciate her. Try giving your date a high-quality women’s perfume subscription box.


Go On A Winery Or Brewery Tour

wine tour

According to dating experts, taking a tour of a local winery or brewery is an ideal first date. This offers a chance for you and your date to learn something new together.

In addition to that, doing so will help you find a new favorite wine or brew to share on future dates. 

Furthermore, these tours happen to only last for around 1 hour. That is the ideal amount of time for a first date. 

This time is enough to determine whether or not there is a connection while still leaving room for a bit of mystery to explore on the next date.

If you or your date doesn’t drink, think about going on a tour of a historic location in your city instead.


Go To A Sports Game

Is your date a sports fan? Do you like sports as well? If so, consider going to a sports game. 

For those who don’t know, dates that incorporate a shared passion or interest are an ideal way to see one another in your element. In addition to that, it also helps create a memorable experience for you and your date.


Go For A Walk

This might appear like an extremely simple first-date idea. Thus, a lot of people don’t do this on their first dates since they feel like it’s boring.

However, that isn’t the case. A walk around the park or city will be just fine if you’re an interesting person. This will also help you determine if your date is a fun person to spend time with.

Simply make sure you bring a glass container filled with water when going for a walk to stay hydrated. You can buy high-quality glass containers from a reliable wholesale glass container store.



couple chilling at park

There are tons of activities that can make your first date memorable

However, the ideal options are generally those that present the chance to have meaningful talks, experience something new, and get to know each other. Simply follow the tips mentioned in this article and make sure that you do your best to make your date a memorable moment more.



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