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How To Choose A Masticating Juicer | Buying Guide

Masticating Juicer Buying Guide & Tips

To get a nutritious juice, there is no other way than a masticating juicerOther juicers will also give you the juice of the same looking, but the nutritious part will be missing or overlooked. But a masticating juicer will ensure you tasty juice will all the nutritious available. But I was very shocked when I was trying to find a guide on choosing a masticating juicer. There is no guide available on this; I repeat - No Guide. That?s why our team wants to provide a step by step guide on How To Choose Masticating A Juicer.

Before going to the main point of discussion, we should have a clear idea about - what is a masticating juicer is actually.


Masticating Juicer:

Masticating juicer is also called ?slow? or ?cold-press? juicers because of its low rpm motor. To retain the full nutritional value of the juice, it uses this technique. If you need a green extract from green vegetables like celery juice, then this juicer can help you a lot. 




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Guide ON - How To Choose A Masticating Juicer

Choosing a Masticating Juicer is not a hard task. You need to keep in mind some things and make your head cool during buying - that?s it.

Health Concern:

If health us your main concern, then your focus should be on a slow citrus juicer; in one word - Masticating Juicer.  So, before buying this, please read the specification of your Masticating juicer like low rpm motor, highest temperature, etc. carefully. We already talk about the health factor of it, so we do not want to repeat this here.

Motor Quality: 

Generally, it is impossible to determine the motor quality of a juicer for a regular buyer. In that case, you should depend on the motor wattage, juicer brand, specification, and the review of customers. And if possible, please take suggestion from the shopkeeper, research paper and so on.

Sometimes, some juicer company gives motor warranty for several months and years. You can also look for this. 

Juicer Durability and Looking:

You should give your greatest concern to the durability of the juicer. There are many qualities of juicer available in the market. So, it can be hard to pick the durable one for a new buyer. For them, we have a suggestion. Please try to pick a juicer body build on stainless steel, not plastic. The plastic one is not durable and looks very cheap. 

Looking is another aspect to look at before buying the juicer. Here looking of a juicer includes color combination, glossy design, and overall finishing.

Brand Value:

As an expert, I do not support taking a product just because of its brand value. Sometimes, a nonbrand company gives quality products at a low price. But for a new buyer, it is the best practice to buy a brand product and stay out of the problem. If you are new in purchasing a juicer and want to know our suggestion, we would suggest taking aicok juicer as a Masticating one.


Budget is an important thing to consider before buying anything, and this fits for this juicer also. So, before buying, please look for the best juicers which suit your budget and then choose your right one. 

Yes, the price of a Masticating Juicer is higher than other juicers. But the value you get is not match-able to anything. And you should always keep a moderate budget which is relatively OK with your product. And do not take any cheap juicer, just for the budget problem.

Warranty Policy: 

You can keep the warranty policy in mind before buying any Masticating Juicer. Generally, most of the company gives 3 months to 12-month warranty to the juicer and the motor. We all know that warranty product quality is always better than another normal one, so the decision will be yours whether to take it or not.

Final Words:

We are now at the end of the writing - need to wrap up a few things. Choosing a Masticating Juicer is an excellent decision. But before buying this, please look for the discussion we give in the upper section. If you buy your one with the basis on the point we discuss, there will be less chance of cheating or wrong decision. Please let us know if you have any questions to ask; we are always there to help you.  


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