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Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

Top 10 Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice: Is It Worth The Hype?

Healthy vegetable drink

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Celery Juice

A few months back, one of my friends was traveling to the north of California. He there stepped into a grocery shop and saw something unthinkable. The shop had a long cue for celery juice. He talked with the manager, and he informed us that the cases of celery juice are evacuating fast.

As I learned it from him, and simultaneously, saw social media being flooded with celery juice posts- a great way to lose weight, a new contender to reduce inflammation are some to mention. So, I decided to check about all the hypes and find whether the juice was worthy of such hypes. I use best juicer for celery to extract the juice and have been now drinking celery juice for the last five weeks and also did a bit of research on it.

The results were shocking. I thought it might interest you and so I decided to write up the top benefits of drinking celery juice.




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Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

Celery juice has some definitive benefits, as all plants have. So, what makes it distinctive from others? The following sections may reveal an answer that you haven?t think of.


Natural healer and guts activator

Celery juice helps our digestive system to restore hydrochloric acid to fasten our digesting process with more efficiency. Besides, the raised of stomach acid comes great to break down food into energy. It is particularly profitable for those who have high protein consumption. Furthermore, the juice replenishes gastric mucus to prevent acid reflux and ulcers.


Natural inflammatory agent

Celery juice contains a high number of polyacetylene. It is incredibly famous for its ability to reduce rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and chronic joint pain. It soothes both our body muscle and nerves for a relaxed and calming effect.


Lowering blood pressure

Researches shows that correct juice has active muscle relaxant properties. It also helps improving potassium and calcium flow in the blood cells. As a result, our blood vessels expand and make more significant contraction to lower down the blood pressure significantly.


A highly nutritional food supplementary

Scientists have found that celery juice has a high amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Moreover, it has loads of Vitamin BY, folate, and potassium. All these nutritional ingredients work as a cocktail to provide our body with an optimal healthy drink. Celery is enriched with luteolin, which protects the UV caused damages from the inside. Some even claim to get rid of acne and scars by drinking celery juice regularly.


An excellent drink to reduce cholesterol consumption

Recently, scientists have found that celery contains a lipid controlling molecule in it. It is known as BuPh (named shortened) and helps us to lower our lipid profile. Consequently, it removes the bad cholesterol, aka LDL from our blood. Thus, it helps us to lead a healthy life.


A great friend of the liver

Over time, our liver is succumbed by fat build up around it, especially those who love high protein and a fatty diet. It reduces the activeness of the organ, causing many fatal problems. But celery has reportedly got some nutrients to protect the liver. It increases the enzyme releasing activity of the liver to burn down the extra fat and flush out harmful toxins. Here is more info if you want to find out how you can detox your liver holistically.


A container of powerful antioxidants

Celery is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids. The most useful of them is apigenin. It kills cancer cells successfully. Celery has also got a fair number of chemo-protective compounds in the form of polyacetylene. It reduces toxicity in one hand and increases body immunity on the other side. Further, celery antioxidants slow down the growth of mutated cells to assist people in fighting against cancers.


A life extender

It is a proven fact that an alkalized diet helps us to get longer life. Luckily, celery is an incredibly alkalized juice item. So, naturally, it lengthens our life and also reduces chronic pain quite effectively.


Improved digestion

I have already mentioned that celery juice is helpful for our digestive system. What?s more, is that the liquid increases the circulation quite significantly in our intestines. It helps to improve our digestion. Thus, celery acts as an active agent to lower down water retention, puffiness, constipation, and bloating. Hence, you get a relaxed and gentle feeing all along the day.


Battle it out with infections

A few pieces of research have shown that celery has got powerful antimicrobial properties. It is an excellent way to fight against the build-up of any germs and Bactria in our bodies. Consequently, it increases our immune power and fights actively against the infections.


Is it worth drinking celery juice?

Celery Juice

Celery Juice

Now that we know the benefits of celery juice and how it improved our physical condition, it brings us to the all-important question. Is it worth the hype, and should we continue drinking celery juice? Well, the answer isn?t simple by any means.  Traditionally, most dietitians found drinking juices a frustrating thing. They suggest that people have a healthy diet chart instead of occasional extracts.

But, Anthony Williams, the writer of famous Liver Rescue, has something different opinion. Here's look what he says about celery juice in his book-

?A 16 ounce of celery juice every morning might help you to improve health condition and digestive system in a week.? This very much sums up the equation, celery juice is worth drinking at an empty stomach to maximize the benefits.


Wrapping up

I am neither a profound scientist nor an expert dietitian. The benefits listed above are from my personal observation and resulting from my extensive research on celery juice based on web information. Hence, it may differ a little from others.

Nonetheless, celery juice, with its fantastic properties and healthy profits, rightfully gets its place in our breakfast table for a healthy and disease-free life.



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