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Pakora Recipe – The GialloZafferano Recipe

If you think Indian cuisine is all about chicken curry and tikka masala you are wrong! In fact there is a very tasty preparation that bears the name of pakora. It is basically a very special fried batter, made from chickpea flour and sparkling water, which gives the vegetables an excellent flavor and consistency. As per tradition, we have used the madras curry to enrich the flavor of the batter, but if you prefer you can enrich it with a puff of turmeric which, in addition to strengthening the sensations on the palate, will give a beautiful golden color. Did we intrigue you? Try the pakora, accompany it with mango chutney and let us know what you think … and if it is too spicy, don’t forget the chapati bread!

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To prepare the pakora, start by peeling the potato 1, wash it and cut it into cubes 2. Then peel the carrot and cut it into diagonal slices 3.

Cook the vegetables in boiling salted water for 5 minutes 4 and then drain them 5. In the meantime, peel the red onion, cut it into slices and cut the rings two by two 6.

Now prepare the batter. Sift the chickpea flour in a bowl and a pinch of baking powder 7, then add a fresh red pepper, seeded and chopped 8, a bunch of chopped coriander 9,

the spicy madras curry 10 and a pinch of salt 11. Dilute with very cold sparkling water mixing with a whisk 12,

so as to obtain a fairly fluid and smooth batter 13. Heat plenty of seed oil in a pan and in the meantime dip the prepared vegetables in the batter 14. Dip a few pieces at a time and then gradually dip them into the pan 15.

Wet them repeatedly with oil with the help of a spoon 16 then turn the pancakes and repeat the operation 17. When the pakora is golden brown, drain it on absorbent paper and continue until you finish the ingredients. Finally accompany to taste with chapati bread and mango chutney 18.

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