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The Most Famous Hotels With The Casinos

The Most Famous Hotels With The Casinos

A casino is a unique place. It is designed for entertainment, but really it is so much more than just that. It is a place of luxury, carefree fun, and potential. A person can come to a casino with a hundred-dollar bill and leave a millionaire. Of course, such stories are rare. Yet, it doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

Everyone comes to casinos hoping to have a good time. We have high expectations from these places. After all, we come there to spend our money, so we need some great experience to balance our losses. Fortunately, great casino giants are ready to make our wishes come true. Here are the most famous casinos worldwide.


Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino, China

This hotel casino is only 15 years old. Yet, what a reputation it has managed to create over this time. First of all, it is, to this day, the biggest casino ever. The hotel has 3000+ rooms. It also has a 15,000-seat hall where people can watch performances and concerts, play or watch sports like tennis or boxing, and place their bets. Plus, Venetian Macao has its name for a reason. The hotel is built with inside canal systems to mimic actual Viena with its romantic charm, gondoliers, and beautiful architecture.

The Most Famous Hotels With The Casinos




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However, it is not only known for its size, is it? The true significance of this place lies in its casino halls. The gaming area can accommodate thousands of people at once. It has almost 1000 tables for various card games and over 3000 slot machines.


Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino, Spain

Whenever people consider going to Europe to gamble, they often mean Spain. Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino is among the most famous casinos in the world. People come here to have fun, party, enjoy gorgeous beaches, and, of course, gamble. It’s all about having a good time in a luxurious setting. By the way, the hotel also has one of the best views of the Old Town.

The casino doesn’t disappoint, either. It offers a variety of gambling tables and gaming machines, including a special area for poker tables. After all, the hotel also hosts poker tournaments on occasion. The gaming area is well-designed and always packed with gamblers. You hardly know if it’s day or night, but that’s the beauty of the casino. It makes you forget about the real world.


Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore

Whenever people think of Singapore, they often imagine the Marina Bay Sands. It has become a popular landmark in the country. It is also a common tourist attraction. The hotel is highly recognizable from any angle in the city. These are the three skyscrapers united by a horizontal construction at the top. It is as if the buildings hold a long boat in the skies.

However, not everyone knows that this famous hotel is also a popular casino. Perhaps, it’s not the biggest, but it is one of the finest in the world. The casino offers up to 500 card tables and over 2000 slot machines. It is also a place for concerts, celebrations, and high-end events. Any serious gambler will take it as an honor to spend a few hundred in a casino like this.


Bellagio Las Vegas, USA

How could we write a list of famous hotels and casinos without mentioning Las Vegas? Such a list wouldn’t be complete without it. Bellagio Las Vegas is, perhaps, the most famous hotel in the state. People come to know it as the gold star of Las Vegas. By staying there, you get an impeccable view, great customer service, and a wonderful gambling experience.

Overall, it has everything to ensure great times for the guests. You get to enjoy a variety of pools, entertaining water fountains dancing every evening, excellent diners with world-class chefs, and so much more. However, most people come here for the casino. Here, you can make sports bets, choose from over 200 slot machines, and play at any gaming table while enjoying the luxurious, old-school casino design.

Plus, the Bellagio is the mecca for all poker players. This hotel hosts the biggest poker tournaments in the world. It also has a special poker room only for high-class gamblers.


Final thoughts

Gambling has become quite a normal thing these days. Many people prefer to gamble or make bets online. However, online gambling can’t compete with real-life casinos when it comes to style, full experience, accommodation, and social advantages. So, the next time you play online poker or make bets at bush telegraph slots, think how much more fun it would have been in real life. First, though, you better keep practicing and polishing your skills. None of these hotels and casinos are cheap. So you better make your next big win save for a trip to one of such places.



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