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20 Quick Cocktails To Make At Home | Recipes And Tips You Should Know

20 Quick Cocktails To Make At Home | Recipes And Tips You Should Know

When people have to deal with a low budget, the first thing they do is cut night out with friends. If you love having a party and you are not having enough due to a low budget, we have a solution for you. Even if you are short of money and you can?t afford going out, you can enjoy drinks by staying at home. We can help you make your home bar for your own pleasure.

Making cocktails isn?t a hectic task. All you need to have are a few essentials, and you will be able to have a decent variety of cocktails. There are lots of famous drinks at bars which are very cheaper if we make them at home. Would you like to know more about some of the cocktails you can make at home? Here are a few of them:

1. Cape Codder

It is also known as vodka. Cape Codder is a simple yet very tasty drink you can make at home. The essential ingredients you need to make a mouth-watering glass are cranberry juice along with an inexpensive bottle of vodka. You can serve it ?up? for a crantini in case you want a fancy feel.
Take vodka and add 50ml of Cranberry juice in it. After this, make sure to granish with lime wedge. Use lime slice as a standard garnish and your cape codder is ready.





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2. Margarita



This is a drink having tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. If you want a budget-friendly drink, you can use fresh lime and you will have the best version of Margarita. The best thing about Margarita is that you can shake it and blend it to get an extra taste.


3. Black Russian

This is one of the best drinks to have when you are at your home. It is cost-effective yet very tasty. You can make as many vodka drinks as you want with the help of very little ingredients.

By adding cream, you will have white Russian. If you want to use Irish cream, you will eventually get mudslide to enjoy your evening. There are so many cocktails recipes you can try to drink your favorite cocktails even in a tight budget. 


4. Pi?a Colada

Pina Colada

Pina Colada

If you haven?t tasted homemade Pi?a Colada yet, we suggest you try this right now. Either you are sitting in your bedroom or you are enjoying a rainy night, this drink will make you enjoy the atmosphere.

All you need to have is 50ml of white rum, 25ml of coconut cream, 25ml of single cream, and 200 ml of pineapple juice. Mix all these ingredients and if you have a shaker, use your shaker to mix these ingredients. Once you are done shaking, serve over ice and get the real taste of Pi?a Colada.


5. Tequila Sunrise

20 Quick Cocktails To Make At Home | Recipes And Tips You Should Know

It is not only a refreshing but zingy drink to have at your home. To make Tequila Sunrise, use 50ml of tequila, 25ml of grenadine, and 175ml of orange juice. Mix orange juice with tequila. Pour Tequila Sunrise into a glass over ice.


6. Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon drop Martini

Lemon drop Martini

There is nothing better than the combination of vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup to enjoy a low-cost drink. A zing of fresh lemon drops martini is an absolute pleasure to drink. It will cost you no more than a penny because all you need is water and sugar to make it.

Take 50ml of vodka, 25ml of lemon juice and 25ml of simple syrup. Mix it and out in a glass full of ice. Add sugar in this, keeping in mind your requirement.


7. Daiquiri

If we talk about versatility, it is as versatile as a margarita. All this requires is simple lime juice along with simple syrup. Once it is ready, you can stick it with the original cocktail, or you can diversify the drinking experience with the flavor of your own choice.

Both fresh and frozen berries can be sued to produce strawberry daiquiri. In order to make a banana daiquiri, just toast some bananas into the blender. If you want to take this daiquiri to next level, add fruits along with herbal flavors.


8. Cheeky Vimto

One of the easiest cocktails to make at home is Cheeky Vimto. Not only is it tasty, but the color of Cheeky Vimto is impressive too. Use 1 bottle of WKD Blue, 50ml of port and 25ml of vodka to make this juicy drink.

When you get these ingredients mentioned above, make sure to mix the bottle of WKD with the port. Add vodka and stir properly to get the real taste of Cheeky Vimto.


9. Gin Rickey

It is a drink having the tart taste of lime. You can save your money by investing in the soda maker and adding a few of CO2 Adding CO2 cartridges can make you skip buying individual bottles of soda.


10. Lemon drop

Lemon drop

Lemon drop

Lemon drop is a tasty drink and it can give you a bit of zest in your life. To make lemon drop, take 50ml of vodka, 50ml of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and lemonade.Make sure to wet the rim of glasses and roll the rim in the sugar. Mix the vodka and the lemon juice in the glass. If you want to get more feel and take your drinking experience to the next level, use Wine Cups.


11. Singapore sling

As far as the ingredients are concerned, this drink is one of the most demanding cocktail drinks. Making this drink isn?t a hectic task at all. It is as easy as anything else.
Take 25ml of gin, 25 ml of cherry brandy, 50ml of pineapple juice, 10ml of Benedictine, 10ml of grenadine, 10ml of Cointreau and soda water. Mix all the ingredients altogether apart from the soda water. Once the ingredients are mixed, pour into the glass of ice.


12. Gin and tonic

Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic

Gin and tonic are cheap as well as extravagant at the same moment. This drink is prefeed by students as well as by adults. It won?t cost you more than a few dollars to make. If you have tonic, you can make so many drinks. Even you can make vodka tonic, which is the best of the lot.
To prepare gin and tonic, use 1 part to 3 parts gin (to taste), 3 parts tonic water. Fill your glass with ice and add gin plus tonic. Use rockglass as the drinkware for this cocktail.

Add a flavored syrup like strawberry gin and tonic, and pour any random juice of a fruit. Your gin and tonic drink along with a flavor of your own choice is ready.


13. Jammy Dodger Shot

Actually, Jammy Dodger Shot is more of a shot than the cocktail. This is probably the best shot you will ever experience in your life. Use a bottle of Chambord, bit of double cream and sugar to make this shot.

Make sure to fill your shot glass three-quarters full with Chambord. After filling your glass, top up your shot with the double cream. Sprinkle a bit of sugar on it, and enjoy your shot.


14. Hot Toddy

On cold days, there is nothing more satisfying than drinking the hot toddy. All you need are steaming brew of tea, honey, and the lemon spiked with brandy. You can use whiskey or rum too. From warm apple cider to aromatic gin, you can do so much with the simple formula of hot toddy.


15. Michelada



The best replacement for a straight beer is Michelada. Traditionally, it was made with the Mexican beers. Now, you can use Worchestershire, hot sauces, a bit of lime and a little touch of black pepper. You can modify this drink according to your taste, keeping in mind the current season.


16. Royal tea

Out of all the ingredients, tea is the cheapest. In this cocktail, you need to do the pairing of gin with Earl Grey and accented with the addition of lemon and sugar. You can make this iced tea drink by saving a lot of money.


17. Kir cocktail

Kir Cocktail

Kir Cocktail

Make a cost-effective bottle of wine with simple wine cocktails. Kir cocktail is one of the most delicious cocktails. In this cocktail, cr?me de cassis is added with a dry white wine to get a flavor of sweetness. You can make cardinal cocktail as well with the help of red wine along with cassis.
Use 3 oz (9 parts) White Wine, 1/3 oz (1 part) Cr?me de Cassis. Add your Cr?me de Cassis at the bottom of your glass and top up with wine. Use wine glass for drinking delicious kir cocktail.


18. Mojito



All you need is a few fresh herbs to spice up the drink. To make Mojito, you need to have a bottle of rum, a bit of mint and the club soda. It can be made easily without spending much. You need to have the right amount of ingredients.

Take 1 1/2 oz White rum, 6 leaves of Mint, Soda Water, 1 oz Fresh lime juice, 2 teaspoons Sugar. Make sure to pour over ice.


19. Mimosa



Mimosa is one of the tastiest drinks keeping in mind the cost. To make Mimosa, you need to have a bottle of sparkling wine. You have to add orange liqueur and juice in order to make a perfect Mimosa. By doing this, you can give an inexpensive wine a new life.

Take few ml of sparkling wine, add 25ml of orange liqueur. Shake it gently to enjoy tasty Mimosa.


20. Shandy

In the hot summer, there is no drink better than shandy. In order to make fresh shandy, you need to have lemonade. Lemonade can be fresh or store-bought. Mix the mix lemonade with your favorite cheap beer, and you will have a fantastic flavor of shandy.

Take 25ml of lemonade and mix it with 25-50ml of beer of your own choice. Shake it properly and you will have shandy prepared.

These are some of the cocktails you can easily make at home without spending much of your money. It doesn?t matter your budget is high or low, if you want to enjoy your drink with your mates, these recipes can get the job done.



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