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The Cocktail Movie | What Is Cocktail Attire

Why The Cocktail Movie Here?

First of all we just want to make this point clear to everyone that this was created upon several requests of our cocktail recipes fans. The idea was to write things about cocktail movie.

Well, we have published so many popular, artistic, thirst quenching, eye pleasing cocktail recipes with images that we (our whole team) came to conclusion that we need to write something about this movie which has name cocktail.




I'm so excited to prepare so many #recipes of #drinks, #cocktails, #Moonshine, #food - I'm ready to get down to work! #Moonshinerecipe

That is why below is information about "The Cocktail Movie" with its synopsis, casts, rottentomatoes reviews, IMDB star rating, cocktail movie trailer and some interesting facts about the movie cocktail!

Last but not the least, since this website is about drink recipes, cocktail recipes, moonshine making, we are adding some important tips on cocktail attire for men, women and what it is mean cocktail attire?

About Cocktail Movie

Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) wants a high-paying marketing job, but needs a business degree first. Working as a bartender to pay for college, Flanagan is mentored by his veteran boss, Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown). Together, their showy tricks and charisma command large crowds and tip payments, until Flanagan and the cynical Coughlin have a falling out. Flanagan moves to Jamaica to raise enough money to open his own bar, where he falls in love with artist Jordan Mooney (Elisabeth Shue).

Brian and Jordan get married and have their wedding reception at his Uncle Pat's bar in Queens. Uncle Pat lends Brian the money to open a neighborhood bar called "Flanagan's Cocktails & Dreams." Brian finally achieved his dream of running his own bar. At the Grand Opening, Jordan reveals that she is pregnant with twins. Brian offers free drinks to celebrate, much to his Uncle Pat's chagrin.

Bottom Line: A talented New York City bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love.

In between Brian and Jordan marriage, things happen to Doug and Brian himself. Watch the cocktail movie itself with our cocktail recipes to enjoy to the fullest.

?IMDB = 5.9/10

Tomatometer=5% Audience score=58%

Cocktail Movie Trailer


Preston Smith - Oh, I Love You So (Cocktail) (1988)

Cocktail The Movie Cast

The Cocktail Movie | What Is Cocktail Attire

Tom Cruise
as Brian Flanagan

The Cocktail Movie | What Is Cocktail Attire

Lisa Banes
as Bonnie

The Cocktail Movie | What Is Cocktail Attire

Bryan Brown
as Doug Coughlin

The Cocktail Movie | What Is Cocktail Attire

Laurence Luckinbill
as Mooney

The Cocktail Movie | What Is Cocktail Attire

Elisabeth Shue
as Jordan Mooney

The Cocktail Movie | What Is Cocktail Attire

Kelly Lynch
as Kerry Coughlin

The Cocktail Movie Credits: Wikipedia

Cocktail 1988
Theatrical release poster
Directed by
Produced by
  • Ted Field
  • Robert W. Cort
Screenplay byHeywood Gould
Based onCocktail
by Heywood Gould
  • Tom Cruise
  • Bryan Brown/li>
  • Elisabeth Shue
Music byJ. Peter Robinson
CinematographyDean Semler
Edited by
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Silver Screen Partners III
  • Interscope Communications
Distributed byBuena Vista Pictures
Release date
  • July 29, 1988 (1988-07-29)
Running time
103 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States
Budget$20 million[2]
Box office$171.5 million[3]

What Is Cocktail Attire?

Back in the day, things were simpler: the dress code was either Black Tie for less formal evening occasions or White Tie for more formal ones.

When you receive an invitation nowadays, it may add a dress code such as Cocktail Attire, Black Tie Optional, Semi-Formal Attire or Formal Attire, but what exactly does that mean?

what is cocktail attire

what is cocktail attire

Women?s dresses were chosen accordingly. Today, for many men the tuxedo is the most formal garment they will ever wear, and it is often rented. In the following, I want to explain what Cocktail Attire For Men and Women is all about and what options you have for weddings, parties or events when you receive an invitation that asks for it.

What Is Cocktail Attire For Men?

When it comes to evening social events, cocktail attire is often the go-to dress code. Equal parts elegant and effortless, this fashionable style blends formality with personality. So, while you can?t get away with just throwing on your usual black tux, you can get creative.

what is cocktail attire men

what is cocktail attire men

Cocktail attire for men is not the easiest thing to pin down. A dress code reserved specifically for festive occasions, it?s less formal than black tie, but more fashion-forward than a simple business suit.

Still not sure what exactly to wear? From picking the perfect suit to enhancing it with the ideal accessories, we?ll show you how dapper gents do it. Here is your ultimate guide to cocktail attire for men.

Typically requested on event invitations around the holidays and often seen at weddings, it can be difficult to know how to fit into the dress code properly. However, it may be possible to dress accordingly without further investing in your wardrobe.

Nevertheless, the following guide will help you prepare for a cocktail dress code. You?ll soon know whether you?re in need of a shopping spree or already well-equipped. 

10 Best selling Cocktail Attire For Men

What Is Cocktail Attire For Women?

The idea of "cocktail dresses" first originated in a 1927 issue of Vogue and the style was defined as "a short dress that is suitable for formal occasions," i.e. something sophisticated that you can also let loose in.

what is cocktail attire for women

what is cocktail attire for women

A cocktail dress or cocktail gown is a woman's dress worn at cocktail parties and semi-formal, or "black tie" occasions. The length of a cocktail dress is long, often touching the ankle. ... When gentlemen are in business suits, ladies also wear dress suits or "good" afternoon skirt and dresses.

10 Best selling Cocktail Attire For Women

Conclusion With Cocktail Recipes Lists

At any time, as it was told to us, people drink in happy moments, people drink in sorrow moments, some people drink at any moments!

Bottom line is enjoy drinking, be responsible and obey law of alcohol.

We are more about drinks, food recipes, cocktails, cocktail recipes, moonshine making, moonshine recipes, we are showcasing our best drink recipes...

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