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What Things to Keep in Mind While Sending a Gift Card to Your Loved Ones?

Sending gift cards loaded with money to your loved ones is an easy way of making them happy and surprised. The process of sending a gift card is very simple: just select a gift card selling website, pick a nice gift card, add money to it and send it to your recipient, isn?t that easy and quick! Do you know that you can send physical gift cards as well? Read on to know more about that.


Physical gift card

Want to surprise your recipient by sending a physical gift card? That is possible as some websites do sell them. This will cost something extra but it will double the happiness of your recipient when they receive the gift card on their doorstep. You can select a gift card box, send an envelope or send in any other gifting form provided by the website.

Opening it, your recipient will see the brand name of the website from which you purchase the gift card, the store name if you have selected a specific store and the general rules for redeeming the money. This may differ from websites to websites.




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The beneficiary needs to add the gift card number while shopping and the money will be redeemed, it is that easy!

What Things to Keep in Mind While Sending a Gift Card to Your Loved Ones?

What to Keep in Mind while Purchasing a Gift Card?

  1. Know about the specific choices of the recipient. Know where they usually do the shopping so you can give them a gift card of a specific store they often visit. It can be an ecommerce website, a restaurant, apparel store, salon, fitness club whatever you find suitable.


  1. If you don?t know the likes and dislikes of the recipient and want to go for a flexible option, go for a multi-store gift card. This will provide freedom to the recipient to shop from any store of their choice (not beyond the ones selected by the gift card selling website).


  1. Select a good picture for the gift card or you can add your own too. This will make the gift card attractive. Add a personalized message to it.


  1. Check the terms and conditions mentioned on the gift card selling website. It is quite important to read this to make a wise decision while purchasing the gift card.


  1. Check the expiration period. Usually, it is 12 months from the date of sending it to the recipient which is favourable. Don?t go for any duration less than 6 months or so as it may become the case where your money gets wasted as the recipient didn?t get the time to use it.

What Things to Keep in Mind While Sending a Gift Card to Your Loved Ones?

Want to browse across gift cards from many merchants?

Select a gift card of the favourite merchant of your recipient, add money to it, write a personalized message and just send it. Your recipient will be more than happy to receive it so text a gift card now and make them happy!


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