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Six Great Non-Alcoholic Drinks For College Party

Six Great Non-Alcoholic Drinks For College Party


College parties are an excellent way to get integrated into the academic community, gaining a variety of links that will be useful throughout life. The point of such gatherings is to have fun as well as get to know each other better because, as you may know – connections that acquired during the college will most likely last for the entire life. But what if you just entered the college and know no one, not to mention making a party. WritingCheap prepared a top-notch guide on how to organize a party and collect as many youngsters as possible where you will have an unforgettable time. In order to make this gathering even more deluxe, have a glance at superb non-alcoholic beverages to jazz up the party.





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Watermelon Slap

Considering the fact that the summer is slowly approaching us, this drink enormously fits your party. Being easy-to-prepare, all you need is one seedless watermelon, eight oz lemon juice, two cups of frozen berries, preferences are up to you, half of the cup of sugar, and some ice cubes. First off, slice the watermelon in half and with a spoon scrape all of the fruit from the center of the watermelon. Then place it in a large blender, adding the lemon juice, sugar, ice, and frozen berries. Blend it until it has a consistency of a puree. When done, pour it into a jug, or even you can do that into the empty halves of the melon. Put some straws and enjoy it slurping.


Basil Lemonade Hit

Probably, there is no more simple drink than this marvelous lemonade with notes of basil. When it comes to the preparation of the drink, you need to have one cup of fresh basil leaves that you have to chop them coarsely. Two tablespoons of sugar, three cups of seltzer water, three cups of prepared lemonade, one big lemon, and crushed ice. Important to admit that if you have a sugar intolerance, you can swap processed sugar to honey or add no sweetness at all. In a 64 ounce jug, mix up basil and sugar together. Add lemonade and stir until sugar is dissolved. Put it out from the heat and add seltzer and sliced lemon. Finally, top with ice and serve.



Do you want to make something unusual that makes your guests feel unambiguously in a good way? This Pomegranate Chile Mojito Cocktail will do its best to be cooling and warming simultaneously. Such a drink has all the refreshing aspects of a mojito that is divulged by a mint. Conversely, the pomegranate and chile give the exquisite taste of brilliance. So, to prepare a chile syrup, you have to find three dried ancho chiles (however, don?t forget to remove stems and seeds because then you will have to look for tons of ice-cream to relieve the burning that comes from the beverage), crudely chopped, one cup of sugar, one cup of water, and two less hot chiles, indubitably, with seeds removed. As to the mojito, you need to have six fresh mint leaves, two oz pomegranate juice, two tablespoons of chile syrup, one tablespoon of fresh lime juice, a couple of ice cubes, half a cup of soda. Getting back to chile syrup, you are to mix dried chiles, sugar, and water in a saucepan, heat to boiling over medium heat. Then remove from heat and add other chiles and let it sit there for 25 minutes after that remove chiles and let it cool. Strain into the bowl and refrigerate. When it comes to a mojito, muddle six mint leaves and add pomegranate juice, the afore prepared syrup, and the lime juice. Stir it for some time and then add to the bowl or a jar with ice cubes, topping it with soda.



Mint-Lime Tea

If you want to do something less intense, you can easily prepare a mint-lime tea, which aims to refresh you and your colleagues. With regard to ingredients, you need four cups of water, four mint tea bags, eight teaspoons lime juice (preferably squeezed or purchased), four half slices of lime for garnish (not necessary), crushed ice, and two cups of sparkling water.

Bring four cups of water to a boil. Remove from heat and add four bags of mint tea. Forget about it for ten minutes. Remove tea bags and pour tea into a bit smaller jug. The next step is to refrigerate it until well chilled. Besides, we highly recommend you to chill tall glasses in the fridge shortly before you serve the drink. Add crushed ice, one cup of tea, 2 tsp lime juice, ? cup sparkling water. Let?s be honest – not all of the students have an opportunity to buy costly ingredients and make extraordinary drinks. As follows, this tea is a great option that will not break the bank, nor will it leave your party ?tasteless.?


Rosemary Cocktail

Those who are into savory drinks will unequivocally fall in love with this beverage. First of all, you have to make a rosemary syrup, for which you need ? cup of sugar, the same amount of water, and one spring fresh rosemary, rudely chopped. For the drink, on the other hand, you need to prepare ? cup of grapefruit juice, two tablespoons rosemary syrup, ? cup of seltzer water, and crushed ice.

To make a rosemary syrup, add water, sugar, and rosemary to a pot. Bring to simmer and cook until all sugar is dissolved, which is approximately four minutes. Strain to a smaller dish and let cool thoroughly.

To prepare the drink, you have to pour grapefruit juice and syrup in a glass. Mix it, and fill the glass with ice and top off with seltzer water.


Vitamin Bomb

This drink is an ideal way to cool off during hot days. Served with the bulk of colorful and fresh fruit, it gives you a taste of the rainbow. Ingredients are simple, and you can find them anywhere. You should find one cup of blackberries, blueberries, or blackcurrant; one cup of kiwi fruit, peeled and diced; one cup of fresh pineapple, mango, strawberries. ? cup of limeade concentrate, and one liter of ginger ale, chilled, of course. Then layer the above-mentioned ingredients you had to prepare, in a 64 oz amphora. Sprinkle with limeade concentrate and top with ginger ale. Interestingly enough, if you dice fruit the day before the preparation of the drink, you will have chilled fruit that is likely to keep your beverage cold for a longer time.


To Sum Up

In order to conclude, even without a booze party may well be impressively entertaining. Not only are the aforementioned drinks to be drunk at various parties, but also they can be consumed on a daily basis for the reason that they don?t contain any harmful additives. For example, one is likely to do it either during summer or winter, substituting ice with boiled water, making a warm drink, or vice versa. Indeed, those refreshments are just samples, and everyone can modify them, adding a plethora of different things and experiment whether they fit or not. All in all, some fruits might be unavailable in the region, so be creative and make use of this guide.



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