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5 Wellness Measures You Should Be Taking For Health This Year?


You’ve heard it all before in countless articles and blogs – eat less, exercise more, drink more water, get better sleep. Sometimes you’ve listened to this advice so much that you don’t hear it anymore. To combat this fatigue, here are five new ways to look at the old standbys such as exercise, supplements, diet, and water intake.

1. Portion Size

America is the country that created super-sized meals and cheese-stuffed crusts, which aren’t necessarily bad things once in a while. To maintain an optimal weight, however, you have to eat a healthy diet and avoid indulging in high-fat, high-calorie treats.




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A quick way to keep your diet on track is to adjust your portion sizes. Here are some tips to make it even easier:

  • Swap out dinnerware for slightly smaller plates. You end up serving yourself less because it looks like more on the smaller plate.
  • Restaurant meals are notorious for large, even huge, portions. Bring a to-go container to the restaurant or ask for one before your meal arrives. Split your entr?e before you begin eating. Put half in your handy to-go box and enjoy the rest.
  • Eat more protein. Eating more protein makes you feel fuller faster, so you’ll eat a smaller portion. Protein is also vital for building muscle.


2. Track Your Water

Drinking more water is on the top of every nutritionist’s to-do list, and for a good reason. Water flushes out your system, plumps up your skin, and makes you feel amazing. It can sometimes be arduous to get the recommended amount each day, however.

Find a system that works for you. Perhaps it’s a new water bottle that gauges how much water you’ve had or reminds you when it’s time to drink. Another idea is to drink one full glass of water before you have a meal, snack, or coffee break, which has the added bonus of making you feel full more quickly, so you tend to eat less.


3. Try Kratom

The leaves of this tropical evergreen tree are a great way to complement your healthier lifestyle. Kratom enhances optimism, improves motivation, and supports your overall health and wellness.

White Maeng Da variations of Kratom are full of the elements that make Kratom such a useful supplement – alkaloids. Seize your day and sense of vigor in the morning, or with an afternoon pick-me-up. White Maeng Da is also useful for pre-workout motivation.


4. Sleep Better

The amazing benefits that come from a solid night’s sleep are remarkable. It can make you more productive and help you eat fewer calories. Yet, it’s not always easy to get the sleep you need in today’s busy world. Here are some hints that may help:

  • Turn off all screens at least half an hour before bed
  • Use your bed for sleeping; don’t watch TV, eat, or do work in bed
  • Use a gentle botanical, such as Red vein Kratom or melatonin, to help ease the day’s stresses from your mind



5. Destress With Activity

One of the simplest ways to destress is to find a physical activity that you enjoy. Dancing, hiking, and yoga are all excellent examples of exercise that can help you let go of the stressors in your life. Taking time for self-care and your enjoyment in an activity you love has many benefits on your mental and emotional well-being.

If exercise isn’t your thing, perhaps another type of activity can help you switch off. Knitting, puzzling, or reading a book can lead to a quieter, calmer state of mind.


Final Thoughts

We all want to be healthier and more balanced this year, but it isn’t easy to adopt new things into an old routine. Consistency and tenacity are two of the critical elements for success. The most important part is to find a routine that works for you and stick with it.



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