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Strawberry moonshine

Strawberry Brandy

If you ever wondered if it?s a good idea to make a spirit while eating fresh strawberries, this strawberry brandy is exactly the confirmation you?ve been waiting for.

Yes, you can make a damn fine spirit using your favorite berries, and the best part of it is that you don?t need fresh berries to make some. Just make sure to have some frozen strawberries stashed in the freezer or make a trip to a local grocery store and pick something good.

Other than that, the recipe is quite simple and easy to make, without any complex processing. Just mix things up, pitch that yeast, ferment then distill. It doesn?t get any better than this!





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Strawberry Brandy
Nothin’ like a good summertime brandy!


  1. Put strawberries into a bowl and let thaw.
  2. Pour one gallon of water into a pot, warm to about 90?F, then add 5 pounds of sugar, mix well until fully dissolved.
  3. Once the strawberries have thawed mash them into puree, then add the sugar syrup.
  4. Dump the mix into the fermenter then add the remaining 4 gallons of water.
  5. Add yeast, close the lid, put airlock in place and let ferment completely for about 10 days at room temperature.
  6. Once the fermentation is done, strain the wash off any solids in the fermenter into the still using a siphon tube.
  7. Distill as you normally do, divide into cuts then package for storage and sippin’!

Using fresh strawberries is definitely a better option than store-bought frozen, but it makes the recipe rather seasonal.

You can play around with different types of yeast to get different flavors, read our guide on the best types of moonshine yeast.




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8 thoughts on “Strawberry Brandy”

  1. I followed this recipe, and let it sit 10 days in a room with a heater set to 82?F. I used a yeast nutrient and red star champagne yeast. I took a hydrometer reading AND tasted it before distillation, couldn’t taste any alcohol the reading came up at about .5%
    I don’t understand what I did wrong.

  2. Did you take a reading Specific Gravity reading before adding the yeast? You take it before to see how much sugar/potential alcohol in the wash and then again after the ferment to see how much sugar is left. Put those numbers in the calculator to see how much alcohol is in the wash.

    Mostly the Specific Gravity of this recipe is just too high for most yeast to survive, just by the numbers is 1.170 potently 26% alcohol. Which is why they would have to use Turbo Yeast for the recipe but I wouldn’t recommend turbo yeast for anything other then vodka or fuel alcohol because of the “extra” bad flavors it leaves behind.
    If you took your total water up to 2 gal it would drop the S.G. to 1.096 with potential alcohol to 14-15% the champagne yeast with nutrition would be able to handle it just fine.

  3. I followed this recipe and the resulting product had NO HINT of strawberry at all ( used a pot still ). Probably better to infuse the final product with strawberries, instead of fermenting the strawberries.

  4. When making an un-aged brandy, it’s best to set aside some of the wine and fresh fruit to add into the thump. This will help to infuse and pull some of those flavors you are looking for.

  5. I am on day 6 of fermentation. Using a brix refractor what should my alcohol content be before distilling?

  6. Hey buddy, the strawberrys are a solid right? So you need to break those solids down. Smash them the berry’s up real good I recommend 25 lbs of berry’s for 6.6 gallon mash. Then add pectin enzymes to break down the berry’s and it also creates more juice. And add about 10 lbs. Of sugar no more than 15. Then use lavlin Ec-1118 yeast or still spirits fruit mash turbo yeast. You will be amazed. Ferment till it’s done let it settle and then run it slow.

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