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Sweet Feed Moonshine

So, do you own a horse or have a friend who owns one, and ever wonder if sweet feed moonshine is a thing? Well, even if you don’t, here’s a quick answer for you. yes, you can use horse feed for making moonshine!

Since anything containing sugars or starches can be fermented into liquor (Sweet Feed Moonshine in our case), why must horse feed be an exception? Moreover, horse feed mash is fairly simple to make and ferment, compared to certain other types of mash.

So if you have some extra horse feed lying around at your farm? Don’t think twice and run that shine to make Sweet Feed Moonshine!

Sweet feed moonshine




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Where there’s a will there’s a way!
Recipe type: Sweet Feed Moonshine
Cuisine: Moonshine


  1. Pour one gallon of water into the boiling pot, and bring to a boil.
  2. Mix in 5 pounds of sugar until fully dissolved.
  3. Pour 4 gallons of water into the fermentation bucket, then add 10 pounds of sweet feed, and mix well.
  4. Add the sugar syrup, let cool to room temperature, then add yeast.
  5. Close the lid tightly, put the airlock in place, and let ferment for about 10-14 days at room temperature.
  6. Separate the wash from the solids either by pouring through a cheesecloth or using a siphon tube, collect the was in the moonshine still.
  7. Distill as usual, manage cuts accordingly, collect the spirit, and jar for use later. (or now!)

Horse feed is likely to burn to the bottom of the pot of the still, so make sure to filter the wash well when transferring it from the fermenter.

Distillers yeast seems to be the best pick for this type of mash, however, you can experiment with other types as well.

The flavor and proof of the spirit will largely depend on the type of still you ‘ll be using.




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9 thoughts on “Sweet Feed Moonshine”

  1. Another one that I have never heard of anyone marking is moonshine out of soybeans(meal) wandering if it’s a possibility?

  2. Used the sweet feed but its not fermenting. I put more yeast in this morning, hope that fixes it.

  3. In canada at peavy mart they have a corn oats barley with molasses for around $24.00 for 20kg orover40lbs. That’s very inexpensive compared to buying grain in a brew shop. Have not tried it yet so don’t know how it will turn out. Also I don’t know but it may have to be milled.

  4. The picture you have on here isn’t sweet feed. It’s all stock pellets
    Sweet feed is cracked grains and molasses.

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