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Fermenting Corn Mash

Thin Mash Whiskey

Easiest way to make thin mash whiskey

Thin Mash Whiskey





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  • 10 Gallons Water
  • 6-8 Pounds Sugar
  • 8.5 Pounds Flaked Maize
  • 1.5 Pounds Crushed Malted Barley

  1. To make a thin mash follow these two steps.
  2. First cook standard corn whiskey mash. (as shown above)
  3. The only thing done differently is after the last rest period add 6 to 8 pounds of sugar and five gallons of cold water.
  4. When temperature drops to 96 degrees it is apt for yeast, fermentation, and aeration. (As described above)
  5. More experienced distillers should go for a specific gravity of approximately 1.08. Diluting with water if too high.

Thin Mash Whiskey

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