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military eating food

Top 5 Useful Breakfasts From A Man With A Military Resume

All armies march on their stomach but different countries offer different food to their troops. It’s such a curious topic because the so-called MRE’s – Meals, ready-to-eat – are typically used as food rations in the military. This is a meal, which is considered to feed the soldiers and military officers and is introduced in a compact package, and may be cheap. A number of advantages, isn’t it? However, while it does sound great in theory, it is someone different in reality. To demonstrate you what food is provided to soldiers every day, we have asked a man with a military resume.

military eating food

What do military resume writers have found about the most useful breakfasts in the military?

A military job is highly different from the job of civilians. It implies that a military officer or a soldier has two resumes because using a military resume to find a civilian job is impossible. Therefore, the personality should stand out in a common civilian resume, while the military skills relevant to the new position should be demonstrated by you to the hiring manger. Rendering for the help of resume writers employed in the and selecting the military resume writing service will be highly beneficial if you decided to create a professional military resume to beat other candidates.

So, what about nutrition in the military? Over 2000 years ago, the soldiers were provided with the adequate nutrition. Thus, the military and nutrition are essentially intertwined. The lack of a systematical supply of water and food contributes to the failure in the army’s major role – war-fighting. Adequate food, in relation to quantity and quality is a requirement to guarantee the mental performance and physical abilities of military staff.




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Let’s have a look into the most useful breakfasts as specified by a person with a military resume.


1. Pure Protein Bars

Protein bars are the nutrition snacks used to support soldiers’ energy, consisting of low sugar and which are gluten free. Protein bars have an ideal mix of high protein and excellent taste. This breakfast is extremely useful in terms of being on-the-go snack to fuel the soldiers’ active lifestyle. They are a great fit to be consumed prior to or after the workout. Have a protein bar prior to the workout and feel the energy you receive with each bite. The process of muscle recovery will be maximized, alongside the replenishment of energy.


2. Glow sticks

These sticks are a wonderful option for soldiers to take wherever they go due to the compact individual packaging. The sticks are packed in the high quality materials, which are non toxic and waterproof, making them extremely useful and not exposed to weather conditions. The glow sticks are made industrially for survival purposes using the high and best quality components. Their 12-hours lasting light allows soldiers to be equipped with the 12 hours of light, which is highly important in the field conditions and in case of a power outage.


3. Orgain clean protein shake

This is a gluten-free, protein, milk chocolate, soy-free, meal replacement drink. This is a very healthy drink suitable for a breakfast in the military due to the lack of artificial flavors and colors, steroids, medications, and antibiotics. This is a great option to reduce hunger and consume protein, as well as supplement calcium. The protein shake is ideal for a soldier due to the elements included and its property to serve a good substitute of a full breakfast.


4. Beef jerky snacks

What can substitute meat if not meat itself, right? Meat is a substantial part of human existence, specifically of men, who need to spend a particular period of their life in extreme conditions. Therefore, beef jerky snacks are protein products, which help soldiers stay energized and satisfied throughout the day. These snacks are perfectly packed and easily portable. They are made from premium beef flavored with sale and water.


5. 16 various ready to eat meals

This is a variety pack consisting of 16 delicious meals that involves multiple healthy meals like cheese, grains, pasta, beef, chicken, etc. The meals are prepared to be portable without the need for refrigerator. They are ready in a minute and represent a useful breakfast for a soldier, consisting of 20g protein. For soldiers, it’s a great option to have a nutritious breakfast.

Inadequate nutrition may lead to poor cognitive and physical performance, which is not acceptable in the military. The focus on nutritious and protein-rich breakfasts and meals is an ideal method to have an energized and strong military force.



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