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Why Is Coffee Better Than Tea?

coffee beans

coffee beans

People prefer to have single origin coffee or tea worldwide during an office break or in a meeting.

Both beverages offer health benefits, but they have dissimilarities too.

According to tea lovers, tea is the best boosting beverage. While coffee lovers believe no other beverages can beat coffee when it comes to keeping a person energetic. 




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Coffee vs. tea is an age-old debate. This argument will end when you have a few solid pieces of evidence.

Lets take a closer look to prove the statement why is coffee better than tea.

Coffee Enhances the Lifespan of a Person

Surprisingly, coffee drinkers live longer than other beverage drinkers. Recently, researchers found that people who drink coffee regularly have less chance of getting affected by different life-risking diseases. Even coffee drinkers stay refreshed and energetic all the time. This means they don't feel depressed.

According to researchers, the study only shows a link, and they believe the available inflammation-fighting components play a vital role in keeping a coffee lover healthy.


Coffee has Many Health Benefits

Don?t assume that coffee is only enhancing a person?s lifespan; it protects a person from Parkinson?s and cancer disease too. Moreover, this beverage is efficient enough to improve the energy levels and memory of a person. More importantly, coffee reduces the risk of skin cancer by protecting you against basal cell carcinoma. As a result, the diversity of bacteria gets improved in the coffee lover's stomach, bringing many health benefits.


Coffee can Protect You from Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a common disease in the whole world. You will barely find an aged person without type 2 diabetes. Even young people are also getting affected by type 2 diabetes.

Researchers found that coffee contains 2 vital components: cafestol and caffeic acid that fight against diabetes. Even you will get beneficial results drinking decaffeinated coffee because the mentioned 2 components are available in decaf and caffeinated coffee.

Blood sugar intake gets increased by cafestol. Also, caffeic acid and cafestol increase the secretion of insulin. This is good news for type 2 diabetes patients.


Coffee Reduces Depression

Are you sad or depressed? The best advice that many doctors give is, drink coffee. A recent study shows that coffee lovers feel more refreshed and less depressed compared to other beverage lovers.

2 or 3 cup of coffee is enough to boost a person's mind. It happens because coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants.


You will not Get Stained Teeth by Drinking Coffee

Generally, by drinking tea, you will end up with darkening teeth. A cup of coffee will not give you the freshest breath, but coffee will never leave you stained teeth. Everyone loves to whiten teeth, so if you don't want stained teeth, it's better to drink a cup of coffee instead of a cup of tea.


Brewing Coffee is Much Easier than Making Tea

Yes, the process of tea making is quite more challenging than coffee brewing. The right amount of milk, sugar, tea will let you prepare a cup of tasty tea. If the amount is wrong, the taste will be dull for sure.

While using an affordable coffee maker, preparing coffee is much easier. Coffee makers help you to measure the right amount of the ingredients precisely. This way, a novice can also make a cup of delightful coffee.


The End

Hopefully, the above discussion is enough to call an end to the debate ?why coffee is better than tea.? With many health benefits, coffee is much healthier than tea.

Protein Coffee is a new alternative that you can also try. Also known as Proffee you can make it by mixing protein powder with your choice of morning coffee.

Coffee contains a high level of antioxidants and caffeine than tea, while tea also contains caffeine, but it is less than coffee. In order to get equal health benefits, you will need to drink 8 ? 10 cups of tea every day, which is quite impractical.

Drink coffee more and live a healthy and refreshed life.



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